Monday, November 16, 2015

Making Of A Mermaid And Paintings

My friend had a beautiful mermaid in her daughters room that I copied the idea from. It was so cute, so I took a few pictures and made my own. First I bought a huge piece of plywood and drew the shape of the mermaid the best I could. I messed her arm up a little but it's really hard to keep the jigsaw moving in a perfect fashion when it's time to cut.
To cut the inside part, I had to drill a hole to get the jigsaw in the interior of the arms. Next I went to painting my mermaid brown like Lauren and painted the tail a different color. The hair is made from rope by the foot from Home Depot. I used a glue gun and cut it to fit her head. Next I made a little headband out of a old pearl necklace. I keep all these odds and ends around never knowing when I will use them, but I usually get very resourceful. I added the starfish and a flower. Also the tail has scales made from Elmers glue. The glue dries and it it looks just like scales, before it dries I added some glitter.

I saw some really cute pictures from Pottery Barn, so I decided to draw and make my own. I think theirs said "Lake Water" but I am more of a beach girl. So it went to Saltwater. It was really fun to paint. The painting was not to hard but I had to blend a lot of colors. The same with the bottom one. Lots of mixing, I am a messy artist!! I love to paint, and I am not great but I enjoy doing simple creative pictures like these. These pictures had the neatest colors that just scream happy feelings!! Here is a idea how to start if your interested in doing your own. First find a image on Pinterest or the Internet that you can enlarge to understand how to create your picture, then use a pencil to draw it all so you can get your spacing correct. Once you have that done, you are ready to start. It takes lots of blending and different color paints to create the best effects. You will do a lot of erasing and if you mess up with the paint you can fix that too. Never be afraid to try something new.

I love this one too, love the colors!! This week I am getting my Christmas decor up. It's been fun but a little frustrating at times when my 3M hooks keep falling. I'm going back to my old stand by Tac's. 
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Catch Up!!

First to get to the important things in life, that would be the game Bean Boozled. It's been out a while but we never got around to it till a few weeks ago. If you need a night of serious laughter and family memories this is the way to go. Since I now have two tween, teenage boys my life it's pretty much a frat party but more on the innocent Tommy Boy sort of way. First if you gag easy you better not play, if you can't handle smells it will be bad, I am warning you!! Each flavor is a distinctly different surprise, so you may get chocolate or you may get dog food.
Lauren's elementary school had a big fundraiser called Boosterthon. Our school was able to buy a playground last year and this year a outdoor classroom. It's amazing how much work it is but how much fun it is also. The 4th graders got to partake in a Color Run. Let's just say "We" PTO moms had a little to much fun. I do look like Ross from Friends. Remember the episode with the glowing teeth?
Lauren one morning a couple weeks ago, she had the sweetest smile here. I wish I could bottle up her real smiles not the forced awkward ones. Real Joy is the best!!
I forgot to post this from months ago. We ripped out our stone walkway that was previous done with pea gravel and a few big stepping stones. It was very uneven and not real pretty. Rob wanted to make it bigger and add a place for the trash. Can you tell I am a grown up now?
A sure sign I am a grown up $800 for a pile of rocks.
I just love how meticulous my husband is. Every things measures, he even has his leveling strings out to make sure everything is even. These rocks were a pain, as I helped with the cutting and arranging of the rocks. Everything had to be level and precise.
This is walking out the door and to the left is where the garbage cans go. We are also working on a huge Pergola right now. Rob has gone crazy, with the backyard. He went and visited a garden center and came back with a plan, I like it!! The only problem is rain, baseball, birthday parties, work, homework, being tired and it getting dark early. We will get it done!! I will leave you with the bottom pictures and how my phone now knows Selfie pictures. I guess Crosby knows how to take Selfies
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

My boys love the movie Napoleon Dynamite they just saw it this year. I personally did not like the movie when I saw it a decade ago but I must have been naive because now that I have meet some odd characters in life I find it very very funny. I suggested the idea a couple months ago and they both loved it,and boy do they play the part. Jaden for sure plays the perfect Kip.
Lauren was Rainbow Dash, she loves My little Pony so much.
So easy, I bought the socks off of Amazon, and the ears. I made the Tu Tu and she had the shirt.
Our neighborhood does Trunk or Treat since we have such big yards. At night they do hayrides and go from house to house. It's a pretty big deal and really fun.
Glasses, shirt, and moon boots all found on Amazon if your interested in recreating this look.
Kip, ha ha ha
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