Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dexter and Party Fun

Yes my children talked me into another cat. They just love cats.  It all started with Jaden now we are the owner of two kitties. Meet Dexter, Drew named him after one of my favorite shows. He is a lap cat and overbearing at times with all his love.
 Crosby and him seem to be good friends. At first Crosby was scared but now they are loving each other.
 The kids had friends over for their birthday and a sleepover. Lauren had her friend over too. It was fun! They had a Nerf gun war and then swimming and then movies. These kids were up LATE!!

 Boys were so happy they got iPad Mini's
See you next week or next month boys! Kids love their technology. I now know every Life Hack and funny video around not to mention the Hit the Quad dance.  How could I ever live under a rock with having a teenager and a preteen.

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