Monday, September 7, 2015

New Kitchen Table

I'm so excited to share this table. It's amazing and get this one only $60!! Some of my favorite furniture finds have been the best deals. You can't really rush the treasure hunt because when the perfect fit comes it's meant to be. Sometimes it takes a while and other times treasures just come to you. I know I am a little crazy about treasure hunting, antiquating and junking!! I have been looking for a new table for my kitchen because I have a window that is kind of like a bay so this area calls for a round table. I have had my favorite black farmhouse table forever and I have some sentimental attachment to it since we have had so many family memories around it. There are so many great places to find furniture some high some low but I really do love Craigslist. Now it can be a little weird but if you're cautious and go into neighborhoods that are close by it's normally no problem. This lady was moving out, this table belonged to her father. It's very old and missing the leaf but I do not need the leaf. It was a little bigger then what I wanted but it ended up fitting perfect. It's very heavy and I am thankful for my husband and his truck.
After some cleaning and sanding I am happy with my finished look. The original color was awesome but the base was a shade different then the top so it looked off. I wanted a similar color so I did some mixing of stains and paint and came up with the below look. For now I am happy with it after a while the kids might be a little rough and I will have to redo the top we will see. I mixed cream/white/ gray and stain to make a variation of a weathered wood.
 The chairs were from my original black table and what a pain they were to paint. I used White Dove paint color and made it into homemade chalk paint. I did a lot of sanding and 3 coats of paint. Painting chairs is not easy nor fun!!
 I love the base of this table, it's so chunky but not to formal or to plain. It's actually on castor's which make it the right height so I needed to put pads under.
 The top is stained in Weather Oak by Mini Wax. I love that color but it's not very deep so over time it may need to be re-stained. I used finishing wax over top so I could easily re-stain if needed.

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  1. WOW!!!! A ton of work, but GORGEOUS!

  2. Your table looks great and fits perfectly into the space. Your eating area is so pretty.

    I just sent you an email about Christmas. :)


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