Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
You are my sweet boy! I love to see you smile and laugh. I am so thankful for your amazing sense of humor and sweet temperament. You are my boy that loves sports. I am so proud of the good athlete you are. You are always up for a game of four square, basketball, football and anything else. Mom and dad call you "Our Gym Class All-Star"  You love gym so much! Baseball has started again and seeing you play is a joy. You truly have a great effort and have the best attitude. That is what matters to dad the most and you defiantly portray those qualities. You have great hands and can pitch and play second base, you are a fun kid to watch with great talent. I know with your health sometimes you get sick and don't feel great but I have not heard you ask God why?? You trust in Him and still have gratitude and know that He loves you even though you have had some hard times. A couple weeks ago you had some tests done, as we drove home I had tears of being humbled come down my face. I often wonder why my son...): and my faith seems so weak. It felt so evident at that moment that God was doing a work through you and trying to make us more like Him each day. It was a epiphany that through the storm I could see God and for a glimpse I felt grateful that he choose to humble us in not knowing the Why's but by trusting Him with His plans and purpose. It's never fun but through our trials God shows His love for us. His love felt so evident to me that day and I felt a sense of Love that He knows your future and each step. You are so brave Drew, I will never meet a boy as brave as you!! Never let someone tell you that you are not strong, you are tough as nails!! You are approaching some confusing years but I want you always remember that true friends will be there for you no matter what!! Doing things the right way is never the easy way but you will have the best results. You will have days where you feel down and you will have days where you feel unstoppable. I will promise you though if you stay true to who you are and who's you are that you will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. So far in school you are showing that you are not afraid to do the right thing and work hard. I have been very proud of your school effort. You are a very smart boy!! Be confident and know that you are making a difference and your life is a testimony. I love you always, you are one of my biggest joys and I am so proud of you!!

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