Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lauren's birthday fun, Yankee's game

Lauren's birthday was over Fourth of July weekend so as cool as that is it makes it hard to have a kid birthday party. It will be awesome as she gets older because most people have get togethers with family and friends but little friends from her school are all vacationing or with family parties. So this year she said she just wanted to have a little family day and get a My Little Pony from Build A Bear, okay (: Kids sometimes are less complicated then adults. I made her a pony cake, I bought all the ponies at Target and she could have not been more happy!!!

Lauren's gift choices, PAR-TY
No more Rainbow Dash available): After I told her "Oh Lauren let's wait for your birthday and then I will buy you Rainbow Dash" Epic mom fail!!! Poor kid she settled for Flutter Shy and was a good sport. I ended up finding her a Rainbow Dash on ebay, now she is happy!!
Now off to buy some Fireworks, the kids loved this so much. It was very reminiscent of my brother getting fireworks down the road at a little shop like Spencers, lovely probably when he was like twelve. I guess back in the day they didn't say much to a preteen buying explosives. We bought some smoke bombs, sparklers and few other fun things.
My neighbor went all out, he had huge stuff that was professional grade. We went over there for a little backyard barbecue and fun and enjoyed the show.

Drew loves the Yankees, he has for years. Rob met some customers and it worked out great because we could go too! Yankees vs. Astos. It was a great game the Astros actually won but it didn't matter to much because Drew loves the Astros too.
He even got a ball. One of the nice Yankee players threw it up with some smiles and waves and right to Drew it went. He was thrilled!!
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  1. My gosh- she is getting to be such a big girl---just like our SweetCheeks. They grow up way too fast, don't they? Love her birthday party and that "cat hat" is so comical. She will look back and smile at that when she is older. Fun fireworks and I am so happy Drew got that ball!!!! xo Diana

  2. Annelise is obsessed with Rainbow Dash, too!!! :-D Happiest (belated ;-)) to her!!!


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