Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Farm, movies and other fun things

I'm updating on all our summer happenings. So much has happened and we have had a wonderful summer. I really love being with my kids and enjoy taking them to see new things and experiences. I found a working farm with historical houses from the 1800-1900's It was a guided tour that got to be quite long, ha ha. It was a little boring but we had fun. My boys friend Ethan came along and since his mom and I are friends it's perfect!
  Walking over a bridge we saw a alligator. Just taking a swim
 Such pretty scenery, I would love the modern version of this farm house!!
real cowboys
 The kids loved Jurassic World
and Minions, and Inside Out...Lots of kids movies
Drew being cute. We did so many fun things, Each week I would look on Trip Advisory for new ideas. I actually found a funeral museum. Sounds awful but apparently as I was looking I asked Jaden and he said it was showcased on one of his Discovery shows, so he wanted to go!!  It was not scary and just mostly historic. Sounds odd but interesting. They had stuff from Abraham Lincolns actual funeral.
Don't be jealous not everyone gets to go to a funeral museum (:
I have a couple more posts to wrap up our great summer, then school starts!!
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