Saturday, August 29, 2015

New School Year 15-16

School started last Monday. I now have a 7th grader, a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. I would say right now we are in a wonderful stage of our lives. The kids still love to be with us, they listen most of the time and the all still love school. My kids are all broken up this year though, three different schools ): They are all next to each other but this is new and more challenging to keep every ones schedules straight and to be involved in more then one or two schools.
I'm so excited for Lauren this year. I just love her teacher she is what every mom wants for their children's teacher. She seems really challenging but so full of love and encouragement. Actually Lauren has two teachers this year, her other teacher is wonderful too. We have the best teachers around here.
Drew has a locker now. Jaden showed him the ropes at his old school. Drew is a pro at the locker now thanks to his big brother.
All my favorite boys
So far so good!! Jaden and Drew ride their bikes together each morning. Once winter hits, I say that laughing. Once it hits around the 60's I will drive them. Each day the kids seem really happy about school. It's so wonderful to have great schools by our home. It's something not to take for granted!! I hope that everyone has a great school year. 
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two good things

One of my Favorite Flowers, and my favorite naughty kitty!! 
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Summer Fun

My boys are to funny, they are now at that silly poop stage. They make songs about everything, sing to the radio, laugh, make jokes about everything. Life it good!! They still think I am cool and think I know some stuff, we will see how long that lasts.
We went to the Natural History Museum here in Houston, it's like a small Smithsonian very cool!!
Love these pics they turned out cute. I had a little kid taking the one above so we had to bend down.
This is my good friend Yesi, she just found out she is moving back to Dallas. I will miss her she has taught me a lot about Mexican Culture. I'm working on learning Spanish better I guess my tutor is now leaving me. Living in TX you kind of have to know some Spanish. 
I think we had the most fun feeding these squirrels french fries. They sat on benches just waiting for fries. They would take them right from your hand, so cute!!
We went with Rob to San Antonia for a business trip. It worked out really well because we were able to see the River Walk that we hear so much about. It really was beautiful, lots of awesome trees, and neat restaurants. We all really enjoyed it!
My sweet Lauren
Rob and I and itch cream in hand. Someone always has a itch or bug bite, lovely.
We took a boat tour on the River Walk. It seemed like a good idea but our tour guide had the weirdest dialect and we could not understand him at all so it was pretty much worthless. It was funny though because these guides go up and down all day on their boats everyone had these awesome tour guides and our guy?? Oh well it was pretty.
The Alamo!! Not as big as I though although it does go back a bit. 
Lauren and Drew loved working out. Lauren begs to do fitness she calls it. She loves these machines. I know the people at Academy Sports just love me because she begs to use the machines each time we are in there.
We went to Rain Forest Cafe for Lauren
When we got home Fall Out Boy was at the Pavilion here by my house. We can hear any concert for free. You can even see in the concerts. Many people bring chairs and picnics and listen. My boys love this group so we went to listen. Let's just say it was very interesting and I am glad I did not take the boys and spend the money. Whiz Khalifa is playing with fall out boy. If you know who he is he enjoys a special natural plant. I had to explain to my kids all about it after that portion of the concert left in all their plant worshiping clothes.
We had church camp a couple weeks ago, Drew brought his buddy Carson. They had lots of fun.
Lauren won a hat from the Clutch The Bear
One day our camp went to the pool with a lazy river and slide. It was really fun.
What a great time this summer!!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Farm, movies and other fun things

I'm updating on all our summer happenings. So much has happened and we have had a wonderful summer. I really love being with my kids and enjoy taking them to see new things and experiences. I found a working farm with historical houses from the 1800-1900's It was a guided tour that got to be quite long, ha ha. It was a little boring but we had fun. My boys friend Ethan came along and since his mom and I are friends it's perfect!
  Walking over a bridge we saw a alligator. Just taking a swim
 Such pretty scenery, I would love the modern version of this farm house!!
real cowboys
 The kids loved Jurassic World
and Minions, and Inside Out...Lots of kids movies
Drew being cute. We did so many fun things, Each week I would look on Trip Advisory for new ideas. I actually found a funeral museum. Sounds awful but apparently as I was looking I asked Jaden and he said it was showcased on one of his Discovery shows, so he wanted to go!!  It was not scary and just mostly historic. Sounds odd but interesting. They had stuff from Abraham Lincolns actual funeral.
Don't be jealous not everyone gets to go to a funeral museum (:
I have a couple more posts to wrap up our great summer, then school starts!!
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Our Handsome Cat

The kids are just so in love with our cat, we have had him almost a year. He really loves the boys, more then anyone. He is a typical cat that thinks he owns you, not the other way around. I took a few pictures of him a few months back. He is really beautiful. I know a lot of people don't like cats but I am a cat person probably more then a dog person. I grew up with cats and to me sitting down at night to watch a movie or read a book and having a friend sit beside you that does not demand constant attention....aka Champ is relaxing 
Love you Crosby Cat
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