Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vacation Part 3

I am so far behind but I guess that means I am enjoying life and enjoying the moment this summer. We found lots of shells on the sound side, only problem every single shell had a crab. So back to the ocean they went, they were neat but kind of gross.
Lauren with Nana and Grandpa
We toured the Fort one day and watched the Blue Angels fly by. My boys are big boogie boarders they love to catch the waves. I love the water so much, you could drop me off blindfolded and I would never know that it was the US. Although the natural protected beach we were at looks much clearer then right by Pensacola beach. So if you go make sure you go by the Fort and check out the beaches they are unreal.

We went to the Navarre Pier one day and saw tons of dolphins and turtles
We went to this awesome bird place in Pensacola called Uncle Sandy's it's off the beaten path but worth going to. They rehab and take care of injured or unwanted birds. It was awesome and fun!! The cost was very low so I gave them more then they asked because I believe in what they are doing. They had the friendliest cockatoo in the lobby, that was so sweet. She loved everyone and the kids loved her and the bird place. 
 Jaden is so funny here he is with his friend from the Mellow Mushroom
We had a great trip and have been busy since we got home doing a multitude of fun activities. Hard to believe we only have 3 1/2 weeks till summers over. I am already getting started on school supplies.
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  1. what great fun you all had!!! I know I am at that fine line of fun vacation days but oh my gotta stock up for school starting soon!!!


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