Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vacation Part 2

Good Morning, we loved the place we stayed at. It was the last set of condos in Pensacola near Ft.Pickens. I love it on the more private beache and the ocean is just magical and so clear. We saw lots of dolphins this trip, and we had great weather.
I did some reviews and our condo was really nice, clean and a good size.
Some of these pics are a little blurry from my phone, I guess I needed to do a update. I have a love hate relationship with iPhones. I have the new iPhone it worked great for months then my pictures started getting more and more blurry, then I needed a update, so weird.
For Fathers Day I planned a trip for Rob,my dad and the boys to do a day fishing trip. It was around 6 hours long and they had the best time. Rob loves to fish and so does my dad and now the boys. They caught  few different things but mostly Red Snapper. When they were about 15 miles out to sea and getting ready to come in for the day Jaden had a huge fish on his line. Next things you know after a little struggle and help from Dad they pulled in a 24# Red Snapper. The captain on the boat was ecstatic. He said that was the biggest Red this year so far. I looked up the record for kids and Jaden was just shy 2# from the world record. It was so amazing and cool and I am so glad it turned out to be great experience for all of them. Jaden named his fish "Bob" We had enough Bob for two dinners and more to take home.
 First day at beach so glad Rob's co-worker loaned us this huge tent. She uses it for her grand kids when they go to the beach and it was just perfect! I love the sun but not all day or even half a day. It's nice to enjoy the ocean without baking.
The kids loved having Nana and Grandpa to visit, it's been a long time since we have had a family vacation. 
A little blurry but cute
Our favorite restaurant Crabs prepared Jaden's "Bob" for us. It was really good.
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  1. Your vacation looked adorable. The beach is my favorite place to go.

  2. That's a big fish!! Looks like so much fun. You got some great pictures. :)

  3. WHOA, FISH!!!
    Those tents are the best: we use them on the sidelines at all our football games.


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