Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vacation Part 1

We had a wonderful vacation to Pensacola again this year. We love Pensacola the water is amazing and we love the low key beach life. My parents met us in Fl but we left a day early and stopped outside of New Orleans in Slidell to go on a swamp tour I highly recommend it especially if you have kids. The tour last a couple hours and you get to explore a swamp and see all the swamp life creatures. The kids loved it!!

The alligators come right up to the boat. The tour guide was the authentic swamp kind of guy who used marshmallows to feed the gators.  It was quite entertaining(: The gators new the tour boats and were scared of normal boats that past through.
Pictures blurry but cute of Drew and a turtle.
Part of the tour included Wild Hogs that are not native to the US but now are taking over, they were kind of cute actually. They like hotdogs and marshmallows too. The guide even picked up a baby hog.

I was surprised how calm they were. They just wanted their hot dogs and marshmallows. This guy was huge!!
Lauren with her new glasses. Thankful to her teacher for noticing she needed them. They came in right before we left for vacation. I think she looks great in them.
I love this picture, no editing at all just a warm light that captures these two sweethearts!!
I'm a proud new owner of two gator heads, thankfully they will be in my boys rooms.

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  1. LOL--Everyone needs a gator head! You can have mine though. The kids look like they are having fun and you sure are a cute couple. I cannot believe how big Lauren is getting all of a sudden. She is really growing up fast! Too fast for you, I bet!
    Glad you liked the swamp tour...I have been a couple of times but never where they fed the animals. xo Diana


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