Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Topiary Trees and Coffee Bar

Amongst many other things I have been doing small projects here and there. I finally bought some new topiary trees, and I love them!! They are really big and look so real. I hope they last a few years. I found them off of Amazon after doing some research.  I love these flowers with the purple. Last year they did not bloom but this year we have taken care of the yard and had plants fertilized and this year they came up. I love them!
This project took a while. Last year after the kitchen was finished I thought that we needed some cabinets to balance it out on the other side of the kitchen, plus I needed a tad more cabinet space. Rob thought it would be to crowded so I just didn't think about it. One day I moved the table and though about even getting a round table in my sitting area to accommodate more space. It worked!! So we built the cabinet ourselves from top cabinets from Lowe's. It's basically the same thing we did in our entry living room. Rob build a base, after removing the baseboards. We put the cabinets on top and I did the caulking,wood filling, and painting. It was a little nerve wrecking trying to get it all aligned perfectly. You will have to use some shims because the ground is never perfectly level.
It Will look like this once you add molding to bottom. Rob had to make some really exact cuts to get things lined up. Pinterest doesn't always show the annoying details of how to match up molding etc.. Cat's always around he loves the mess.
The painting took forever, cabinets are a pain to paint. I used oil based paint in Benjamin Moore's White Dove to match my kitchen. We had to come up with a top and since I just did granite in several other places I didn't really want to spend more money and I kind of wanted a warmer wood finish. I told Rob that I thought I could find some pieces of wood in the right thickness and glue them together. We had it cut at Lowe's and once we got home and I added bead board to the sides of the cabinet and then added the top after I glued it all together for a day. Once on it was a little to short...The annoying stuff. I wanted to salvage the wood so I just made cuts on both sides. to make it about 1 1/2" longer in width and it actually looked better then a raw edge. I just eyeballed it and made the cuts with a jigsaw. I will take some more pictures later. I glued on the sides and sanded and stained. We also used liquid nails paneling to hold everything together on sides and top. I stained the top in a weathered oak color by Miniwax. I loved the finish look!! I polyed the top so I could actually use it for my coffee bar. I figure the more aging the better though since it does look kind of Farmhouse. I love to mix styles since I am not big on trends. I like to add a little of this and that and make my own style.
Sides have bead board I will get a new picture soon. Also we drilled a perfect hole on top to pull up cord to use for the coffee pot. This small amount of space has helped immensely in the mornings especially because we are not on top of each other trying to get coffee and make lunches.
Just thought this was a cute picture (:

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  1. Your topiaries are wonderful! Love the coffee bar area too. You can never have enough storage.


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