Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Kids!!

  Summer is finally here, so thankful to recover this week from my crazy last week. Operation flowers were last week for all my kids wonderful teachers, and a few other special people. I love doing flowers I have a passion for floral design. Long ago I used to be a florist and I have always loved floral design. 
One of my late nights getting everything ready for delivery, they turned out cute.
Next up was awards, each of my kids had special awards throughout the week. Jaden's was a pretty big deal with the whole 6th grade class and parents in the cafeteria. They recognize kids with all A's, Honor Roll and a few other things like Spelling Bee and, top readers award... it was a long process. The last award was the big award and I pleased to say Jaden won the award for his school. His name will be on a plaque for years to come as you enter the school. It was a award for best representative of his school as far as academics, community service etc.. The neat part was he was nominated by his classmates and then a committee reviewed his essay after he was nominated along with other students  only known by a number at that point to be fair. His school is enormous so this is a huge honor for him. I am so proud of him!! We had a few bumps this year but he came out so strong and won some amazing awards and maintained all A's all year. He also won a Kindle in a reading drawing he was on top of the world. It happened to be my birthday the day Jaden won this award and it made me happy to see him happy and proud of his hard work. I had tears rolling down my face when they called his name after the big announcement. 
Such a sweet boy, he is changing so much
Drew had a great year! I could not ask for better teachers. They pushed him but had so much love with their passion for him to do his best. His home base teacher cried as her students hugged her to leave for the summer, such a sweet teacher. Drew had awards ceremony as well he was recognized for having all AB Honor Roll all year long. He also won a award in his class for best Sportsmanship, that is very fitting for Drew he is a great encourager but is also competitive.
Love this teacher too she hugged Drew so long and said he holds a special place in her heart, they loved to talk sports and joke with each other. Drew made this wicker bowl, oh and love that shirt GO CAVS!!
One more sweet loving teacher. 
Miss Lauren, so proud all A Honor Roll all year!! That is pretty amazing. She also was voted Forever Friend by her classmates which I think is very fitting she is a loyal sweet kind girl.
I love Lauren's teacher this year she was the perfect teacher for Lauren. She encouraged her and loved her. I just loved our teachers this year we were so blessed. Each teacher treated my children like gold.
The PTO girls got together and we decided to make the last day super special for the kids as they arrived on Thursday morning. My speciality Frogs (: It was a fun and I am so happy everything looked super special.
Thursday morning the 4th grade had their clap out, that was pretty depressing. My baby is going to middle school already. I know he is ready but letting all my little birds fly is something that I think I will always struggle with. Even though I am so excited to see where they will go and adventures they take a little piece of my heart misses those little's running around the house with their cute little fingers and toothless smiles reaching up to be held.
Please slow down, your becoming a man Drew! He looks so much older here like his brother. Drew went over to his friends house to swim on Friday and then onto going with his other friend to a awesome magic show in downtown Houston. He is a busy man these days.
Already loving the days of summer! My neighbor had a big pool party to kick off all the fun. The kids are having a blast and we just started. Happy Summer Everyone!!

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  1. Those flower arrangements are WONDERFUL!!!
    And WOW re: Jaden!!! What an incredible honor!!!
    Will is very much like Drew: fiercely competitive, but the biggest team encourager!
    And what better thing than to be voted Forever Friend? Such a high compliment!
    We can cry together at the start of Junior High come August...


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