Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baseball and Softball

Baseball is over for the season. Drew had a great year. He was one of our pitchers, lead off batters and played short stop. I am so proud of him. He plays so intense and tries so hard. He just feels the game and knows what to do, a gift that I do not have. He is a lot like his dad, he just really loves the game and understand the game within the game. To watch Drew play is a joy he has gotten a lot bigger and stronger this year and is becoming a even better player. I am so proud of Rob as always. He truly loves the kids and helps them with no agendas or ego issues. Nothing ruins kids sports more then bad coaches and parents that pressure their kids.
 I loved watching him pitch this year. Pitching is very hard it's all mental. Rob was really able to help him out and Drew seemed to enjoy it.
 Last night we had our end of year party notice all the little girl photo bombs. They are good sports watching their brothers play.
Lauren finished softball about a month ago but I am behind. She loved it! She is still learning but I think with time she will understand more. She was one of the youngest kids on the team but since she is so tall you would think she was the oldest. She wants to play some more so I am happy for her.
 When she got a hold of a ball, watch out!
Two days left of school. You would think I would be happy and I am for summer fun but to me it means another year has gone and my babies are getting older and older. This time is so precious.
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  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT pictures. Love all those action laced shots. Little Lauren is so cute, too, up at bat there. It is hard when you are the tallest/or biggest because people expect so much more of you. Glad she loves it- xo Diana

  2. Those pitching pics are FANTASTIC!!!!


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