Monday, June 1, 2015

Baby Birds

I was trimming the rose bushes a couple weeks ago and to my surprise I found these little babies. I felt bad because I trimmed the top off of their shelter, so I improvised and used some branches and made a shade. Soon after I saw two Cardinals who came to check on their nest. I love birds and cardinals are especially beautiful. We have had cardinals living at the house since we have moved in. Last summer one got stuck in the garage and I saved him. He was scared to death but I had to handle him so he could be set free. I am wishfully hoping this guy game back to stay at our house, so maybe these our his babies. It was such a neat experience to watch the babies grow each day. The kids loved it so much, it was amazing how quickly they grew. They only stay in the next for about 10 days after hatching till flight. I kept track of the days and thought maybe they were about two days old when I found them.
 These pictures are day apart but the birds changed so much each day.

 Dad was always on guard and mom mostly fed them.
Lizards everywhere, funny.
On the following Monday by my calculation I told the kids that the birds may leave that day. To our surprise after school the nest was empty. Look who we found in branchs next to the nest. So cute! I hope they have a great life and stay close to our house.
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  1. Katie, we had a similar thing happen at our house too! We had a mockingbird nest in our Carolina Jasmine. It was so much fun to realize how fast it all happens. From the time I saw ours until they left the nest was about 7 or 8 days. So glad your kiddos got to witness the miracle. :)

  2. so cute! I love baby bird season :) I haven't seen any yet on our property, but just hearing them sometimes way up in the pines is good enough for me. What a cool experience for you to have!

  3. OMIGOSH!!!! This is so precious!!!


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