Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heron Painting and decor fun

This was one of my first paintings. I really enjoy painting and learning. I have never had a paint lesson and have self taught myself any skills that I may have which are what I have acquired from watching Bob Ross growing up. I love BR, and his happy trees! What a talent he was. I normally just see a picture and try and duplicate. If I have a picture that helps so much. I painted this back in the fall, and have not hung it up. When I did the background intially I had to much yellow, so I went back and added more of a white backdrop. I could not find a place but had a idea to cover my mirror with the picture. My fireplace has weird spacing. I have not figured it out yet but I think they made it to tall for the room or brick to tall?? The mirror I bought was from Hobby Lobby was a rustic gray color. I liked the size but needed to paint the frame so I did that a while back. At Christmas I don't want the bird picture up so I can simple remove that and use the mirror. See below: My crazy ingenuity

I'm thinking about white washing the brick or adding different molding, not sure yet. Down the road maybe.
My living room is tiny, wish it was bigger but this is what I have to work with.
I wanted something to fill the table for summer. I am sick of candle sticks and other fake looking plants but wanted something impactfull. Rule of 3's always works!! So many times I have one neat this or that but it looks to small standing alone so having two or three of same or similar items is the way to go I am finding.
I love this! And so affordable. I bought the glass holders for $10 each (Home Goods), had the shells, candles and added some leftover Pottery Barn sand. $30 for a centerpiece.
I have pictures from weeks  months ago!! I need to post so I can print my blog book this year. I am so far behind. Another baseball game tonight! 
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  1. You are crazy talented!!! Do you think you could duplicate any Lilly Pulitzer patterns? I wish I were courageous enough to try. :-P Maybe something like this eventually: http://blog.lillypulitzer.com/2013/05/03/print-worth-celebrating-lets-cha-cha/
    (& I loved watching Bob Ross when I was little!!! :-))

  2. I wanted to connect you with a friend of mine. She is actually located in kingwood. But they are doing some cool things in Houston that may resonate with you. So i wanted to share. :)



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