Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bathroom mirror, and cheap easy artwork

Rob and I made a framed mirror that turned out great! I found a wonderful Pinterest  pin to which I am sure my husband is secretly very annoyed by these exact words" I found this Pinterest Pin idea." But in the end it did give us this inspiration that was very inexpensive!! We bought lightweight wood and used a special adhesive for mirrors. The top section is thicker and was easy to do but looks more custom. We just glued on a few extra pieces to make it look bulkier. We used little picture frame hooks to hold it up there as the glue dried. It's a huge mirror so it was pretty heavy but this little trick worked perfect and added extra support. After caulk and paint..happy dance!
Next up is framing the block window and adding some molding over the tiles around the bath. 

I'm always on the hunt for artwork or interesting wall decor but often don't find what I like. I saw a idea at a store which inspired me to make my own. It was almost free!! I had the frames, added old painters drop cloth behind with my glue gun and added some shells. Another creation below. I bought this old sign with our last name about 5-6 yrs ago but it looked dated already. All that vinyl word stuff not really my thing. I had Drew rip off all the sticker, and painted some french gray over the cream color,  and added the starfish.  More to come soon!!
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