Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer is almost here

It's the end of the school year which means crazy! Lauren and Drew have had a lot going on their school with field days, and all kinds of things. I am trying to help out with Drew as much as I can because next year their is much less parent involvement when he is in the middle school, boo!!
In the picture below we went to Sam Houston Museum which was very interesting. I was excited because I love to learn more about history especially TX history since I know very little.

 Lauren's class at the Houston Zoo

Drew got his braces off last month, only phase 1 but still exciting. For now he is going to wear a retainer at night until the next set comes on.
So cute we have the best orthodontist, plus the lady on right is one of Drew's good friends mom's who is super sweet.
baseball is still going on but so much rain lately this has been the longest season ever!!
My good friend Kimberly came and watched Drew play a couple weeks ago. I just love her! We have some sort of kindred spirit we could talk for hours about so many things. Ethan her son came to watch Drew but him and Jaden are like two peas in a pod, so a good friendship for us all.
We went to a Aggie's baseball game, it was actually fun. It did get a bit hot in the sun and long but the kids enjoyed it.
My boys, hard to believe that Jaden might go to college here down the road. We learned a lot of Texas A&M traditions while at the game.
It's almost that time to relax and enjoy the long days of summer

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catch Up Post, and Jaden's big award

 These are from a few months ago time really does go fast. We enjoyed a day in Galveston one day when we didn't have any games. It is a nice drive from where we live and I love stopping at my favorite Home Goods on the way home.
Eyes shut but cute, I made these kids get out and take a pictures in these bluebonnets
Our un-white beach the kids still love it!

bird watching and photos, I can't help myself. I also collected a bit of drift wood for my collection.
I'm so proud of Jaden. I received a phone call a few months back letting me know that he won a big award and that we needed to show up for this surprise award. This award is only given to one student in the whole school. It's The Ambassador award for a student that best represents the school in the classroom and outside the class room being a great person. The staff pics nominations and then the student is picked. We belong to a huge school district and we have tons of schools. On this side of town he won it for our 5-6th grade school. A board member and the Superintendent of all the schools the big guy came to present Jaden with the award. He did not see us in the room until he turned around, Proud moment. It was in the paper with some other kids and a huge honor for him. I also found out from Drew's teachers that Drew was also in the top four kids nominated at his school, can you imagine(: I have sweet kids. Jaden is a great kid all around!! He is wise and smart and funny, what more could I want as a mom. He is unique and special and sometimes that does make it hard to be like everyone else and fit in but that is what makes me love Jaden so much. He is who he is and that happens to be a remarkable kid that people can't help but notice.
Sweet little Lauren, found her tucked in bed like this with her favorite friends.
She is a smart little girl, all A's!!
My mom made a quick little visit to see the kids play ball which was nice of her. It's hard being so far and having her not here to see the kids in all their day to day. We had to make a stop and look at some model homes, fun times. We have so many around her it's fun to get ideas or play with the fake food.

My new love, Very Berry Hibiscus. I hope I am a little caught up with some of my pictures of what's been going around here. We are behind in our baseball tournaments due to so much rain lately but hoping to wrap it up with a big win and have a little time off in the summer.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heron Painting and decor fun

This was one of my first paintings. I really enjoy painting and learning. I have never had a paint lesson and have self taught myself any skills that I may have which are what I have acquired from watching Bob Ross growing up. I love BR, and his happy trees! What a talent he was. I normally just see a picture and try and duplicate. If I have a picture that helps so much. I painted this back in the fall, and have not hung it up. When I did the background intially I had to much yellow, so I went back and added more of a white backdrop. I could not find a place but had a idea to cover my mirror with the picture. My fireplace has weird spacing. I have not figured it out yet but I think they made it to tall for the room or brick to tall?? The mirror I bought was from Hobby Lobby was a rustic gray color. I liked the size but needed to paint the frame so I did that a while back. At Christmas I don't want the bird picture up so I can simple remove that and use the mirror. See below: My crazy ingenuity

I'm thinking about white washing the brick or adding different molding, not sure yet. Down the road maybe.
My living room is tiny, wish it was bigger but this is what I have to work with.
I wanted something to fill the table for summer. I am sick of candle sticks and other fake looking plants but wanted something impactfull. Rule of 3's always works!! So many times I have one neat this or that but it looks to small standing alone so having two or three of same or similar items is the way to go I am finding.
I love this! And so affordable. I bought the glass holders for $10 each (Home Goods), had the shells, candles and added some leftover Pottery Barn sand. $30 for a centerpiece.
I have pictures from weeks  months ago!! I need to post so I can print my blog book this year. I am so far behind. Another baseball game tonight! 
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bathroom mirror, and cheap easy artwork

Rob and I made a framed mirror that turned out great! I found a wonderful Pinterest  pin to which I am sure my husband is secretly very annoyed by these exact words" I found this Pinterest Pin idea." But in the end it did give us this inspiration that was very inexpensive!! We bought lightweight wood and used a special adhesive for mirrors. The top section is thicker and was easy to do but looks more custom. We just glued on a few extra pieces to make it look bulkier. We used little picture frame hooks to hold it up there as the glue dried. It's a huge mirror so it was pretty heavy but this little trick worked perfect and added extra support. After caulk and paint..happy dance!
Next up is framing the block window and adding some molding over the tiles around the bath. 

I'm always on the hunt for artwork or interesting wall decor but often don't find what I like. I saw a idea at a store which inspired me to make my own. It was almost free!! I had the frames, added old painters drop cloth behind with my glue gun and added some shells. Another creation below. I bought this old sign with our last name about 5-6 yrs ago but it looked dated already. All that vinyl word stuff not really my thing. I had Drew rip off all the sticker, and painted some french gray over the cream color,  and added the starfish.  More to come soon!!
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