Thursday, April 16, 2015

St. Patricks Day, Easter and everything else

Oh my gosh this is to cute not to share. Not only do I have to be creative with Elf On The Shelf apparently kids now have a magical Leprechaun that they believe in, lol. Lauren made this sign and left Lucky Charms on St. Patricks Day. She was very adamant that I stop and get Lucky Charms one night very late after practice, welcome to CVS where a box of Lucky charms will cost you.
Easter baskets are not quite as thrilling as they once were, but sill enjoyed.
Lauren is still fun to dress up. My boys look so much older all of a sudden. 
Everyone matched and really this was not planned. Lauren's was a little more planned I bought some sandals for and the boys came down in these clothes. Yeah!! Sometimes living life calmer works out.
All the fun came when it was time for our annual Easter Egg hunt. I think next year we are going with a big Easter hunt only. This was so entertaining, the kids were screaming and fighting over eggs in a fun way. Each year I hide the Golden Egg. Drew is on his third year of finding the Golden Egg. The golden egg contains the most money. The kids love getting money, and it's so easy to plan and execute this fun tradition. It was raining so it was inside, but next year....I hope to make it even bigger. I can see this being a yearly tradition from here on out.
Day before Easter!! I am so behind but we did our eggs and that is what counts. I am trying to remember that!! Next week will be a little calmer so I hopefully can add some pics to my family blog. So much is going on with sports, and school.
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  1. Hey- Better late than never! Love all your pictures of the sweet kids. Lauren has not changed as much for me (looking at them) as they boys have! They have just lost their "little boy looks" and are looking older! However, I do think Lauren has gotten taller! They all look so sweet dressed up in their finery. xo Diana

  2. I understand! We're in a busy-but-fun life phase now, too! :-)


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