Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Cabinet

This chandelier is over my tub it was very shiny black not my favorite but it was one of those overstock.com deals that came in a million pieces. If you have ever ordered one of these chandeliers you will know what I am talking about. I liked the shape but color was not the best, I added a little french gray paint and used a dry brush and I am so much happier with this.
I try to change up my entry from time to time. It's very tricky because there is a curve to the wall and sometimes it's hard to get the symmetry right. Our house has a few of these curvy walls and they are hard to work with. 
I really wanted some sort of hutch in my office. I have not bought new furniture in years since I have been hooked on refinishing everything. Antiques are high here and resale shops aren't much better so finding good prices doesn't happen much anymore. My favorite furniture store here is Laurie's I have talked about her store before but this woman is amazing! She has a great eye and I just read they have supplied some of the great decor items on Fixer Upper only more reasons to love this place. Over spring break I found the prefect cabinet!!
 I'm not done decorating it yet but I am loving it. It is very farmhouse like and seems like it has always been around. It's so tall and fills up the whole wall. 

I love all the storage it's very practical, So happy!
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  1. That is a GREAT looking cabinet. It looks good and it looks like it is well-made. Looks like you found a great place to find things! xo Diana


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