Friday, April 24, 2015

Bathroom/bedroom makeover in the making

I am so happy that things are moving along with my house renovations. We are hoping to be done in the next year with everything for a while. We took a break over fall and winter with big projects and now we are working on bathrooms. We are not going to re-do all the bathrooms but give them all a new spin. Our bathroom is a nice size and what we have going on is not to bad but, just not favorite. I am trying to work with it and I am happy with my outcome so far. We are still working on framing the mirror and I will be adding molding around tub and window. Before we had a aged finish going on, the cabinets were painted by the previous owner with a creamy slightly yellow stained finish. They did a really good job it just is not my style. I like a cleaner crisp look. The tile has a lot brown and gray and I needed to keep the existing oil rubbed bronze faucets because my tub and shower have the same. This was a tough one because I wanted to keep a very light granite but it had to have some variation..... After my compulsive thinking and re-checking at the granite yard it worked!!
I am really pleased with how the granite turned out. I don't love busy granite but I love this granite, it's called Colonial White. I really love marble but not the upkeep so this was my second choice. I also painted my bathroom one of my favorite colors Silver Strand Sherwin Williams. I will post more pictures when I am done with the mirror.
Newly painted cabinets in my favorite White Dove, I love the white cabinets with the granite so much better then the cream. Color undertones are huge, I am still learning so much but I love paint colors they can make or break a space.
 We finally bought a king size bed. Rob and I have been married for 15 years and since then my husband has said he wanted more room. I always thought that king beds looked to big in the room but with him being over 6ft he deserved this bed. I love it!! Crazy but I love having the big bed I have no idea what I was thinking. I bought a new headboard off of Overstock and added new bedding. I used my old duvet at the bottom and I am still looking for some pillows.

I'm Still working on my lighting, and moving some pictures around but I am happy with our new bedroom/bathroom. 
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

St. Patricks Day, Easter and everything else

Oh my gosh this is to cute not to share. Not only do I have to be creative with Elf On The Shelf apparently kids now have a magical Leprechaun that they believe in, lol. Lauren made this sign and left Lucky Charms on St. Patricks Day. She was very adamant that I stop and get Lucky Charms one night very late after practice, welcome to CVS where a box of Lucky charms will cost you.
Easter baskets are not quite as thrilling as they once were, but sill enjoyed.
Lauren is still fun to dress up. My boys look so much older all of a sudden. 
Everyone matched and really this was not planned. Lauren's was a little more planned I bought some sandals for and the boys came down in these clothes. Yeah!! Sometimes living life calmer works out.
All the fun came when it was time for our annual Easter Egg hunt. I think next year we are going with a big Easter hunt only. This was so entertaining, the kids were screaming and fighting over eggs in a fun way. Each year I hide the Golden Egg. Drew is on his third year of finding the Golden Egg. The golden egg contains the most money. The kids love getting money, and it's so easy to plan and execute this fun tradition. It was raining so it was inside, but next year....I hope to make it even bigger. I can see this being a yearly tradition from here on out.
Day before Easter!! I am so behind but we did our eggs and that is what counts. I am trying to remember that!! Next week will be a little calmer so I hopefully can add some pics to my family blog. So much is going on with sports, and school.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Cabinet

This chandelier is over my tub it was very shiny black not my favorite but it was one of those deals that came in a million pieces. If you have ever ordered one of these chandeliers you will know what I am talking about. I liked the shape but color was not the best, I added a little french gray paint and used a dry brush and I am so much happier with this.
I try to change up my entry from time to time. It's very tricky because there is a curve to the wall and sometimes it's hard to get the symmetry right. Our house has a few of these curvy walls and they are hard to work with. 
I really wanted some sort of hutch in my office. I have not bought new furniture in years since I have been hooked on refinishing everything. Antiques are high here and resale shops aren't much better so finding good prices doesn't happen much anymore. My favorite furniture store here is Laurie's I have talked about her store before but this woman is amazing! She has a great eye and I just read they have supplied some of the great decor items on Fixer Upper only more reasons to love this place. Over spring break I found the prefect cabinet!!
 I'm not done decorating it yet but I am loving it. It is very farmhouse like and seems like it has always been around. It's so tall and fills up the whole wall. 

I love all the storage it's very practical, So happy!
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