Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oyster Painting And Spring Wreath

I have been dabbling a bit in painting. I am by no means a great painter but I enjoy it and hope to get better. I love to thrift when I have the time it's such a treasure hunt. I love vintage and unique items to change them up and to make them my own. I liked this frame, but not so much the Italian motif. I bough it for a few dollars and I envisioned re purposing it. I finally got around to painting one day and painted a oyster shell. I love coastal anything and light colors so I looked at a few pictures and came up with this. It was fun and only took a couple hours.
It's spring wreath time. I actually made these last month but wanted to post these. Super easy, I love grapevine wreaths. Some eggs, some natural flowers and a few stringy natural looking things.

Found these cool bookcases at World Market. Jaden's room is such a mess. He loves to read and loves to collect books. I made him donate a few things at the threat of not buying more. I really like World Market they have some really cool stuff at good prices. More to come.. Trying to get ready for Easter, I actually did not even pull out any decoration yet, I can't believe it!! I guess priorities lately being clean clothes, food, and laundry over bunnies and eggs.
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