Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nerf wars and eat those vegetables

I have a love hate relationship with Nerf.  The love part is that it's fun to play with my kids every once in a while and I can see the appeal of running around having a Nerf war. The part I am not so fond of is the Nerf dart part. Once all the fun is done the kids are supposed to pick up the darts the only problem is they only pick up 60% of the darts. That's when mean mom comes out. After I have ran over a few and had to face the wrath of Drew and his anger of me running over his precious Nerf darts I go onto finding them all over the house and yard. The boys also have a fascination with looking up models, talking about custom paint jobs and spending every dollar on new Nerf guns when we already have at least 20. I will miss this one day but Nerf had taken over in our house and thankfully Mindcraft is now on the back burner.  I am sorry but I don't miss you Stampy Longhead or your friend Diamond Minecart one bit.

I do like that they are playing outside using their imagination and being boys, Lauren also like Nerf
In other news I bought a Juicer off of Amazon for $35 a small investment to see what I thought. My kids are not huge on vegetables. I love them and wanted to try this myself to get a extra boost on days I feel sluggish. I am really happy with this juicer, it works great. The kids not so much. Let's just say it took a lot of bribing of a certain child. I had to put it in a certain cup to hide the lovely green color. I do think this is a good way to get added vitamins without all the fiber or eating a million raw vegetables making your jaws hurt. So at least once a week I am pulling this baby out. The key is to find a good combination you like. I really did not mind the taste and I just drank mine right down.
 Lauren really enjoyed cutting things up and seeing it go through the machine, it is kind of fun.

Drew had a mother son dance last month. We went with my friend Ruth and her son and made a date out of it. It was a glow in the dark dance party. Let me tell you, Drew can dance. He is a little shy at first but then he busts a move.
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  1. We bought nerf guns as a family Christmas gift, well Santa brought them to us. Oh my word, the girls' guns can shoot super far! It's fun, but I keep finding darts everywhere!

  2. I started smiling thinking about you with the white pants on in the glow in the dark lights. I bet that was fun!!!!
    Try throwing a banana in with the veggies-they will think they are getting a milkshake. lol I freeze bananas just for that purpose for the ices it down and sweetens it naturally. xo Diana

  3. Nerf is Will's life these days, too!


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