Monday, March 9, 2015

Drew's Big Day And A Lesson

 A couple of weekends ago Drew was baptized. It was one of my top best moments. I was going to say top 10 but that would not work considering I have to many top ten happiest best moments. Drew accepted Christ a few years ago at a young age but we waited to have him baptized because we wanted to make sure he understood exactly what it meant. He came to us last year asking but with the move and all we did not have a church home. So this year we have been part of a great church called Church Project. I love a lot of different things about Church Project and one of them is the ministry for my children. Through watching the leaders themselves the kids understand it's a heart change to live for God not just something you do on Sundays as a tradition but living it out daily.
On Sunday I think they baptized 30 people adults and kids and before each person they read why they wanted to be baptized and some of their story. It was so touching to hear about each person's journey and how they are now living for Jesus. When they called Drew one of the kids pastor's baptized him. His story was sweet it was about how his brother Jaden shared Christ with him and how at VBS he decided to follow Jesus. As I watched Drew my heart was so happy. The tears flowed as I watched him come up from the water with a big smile and then moments later seeing Rob pick him up and hug him it was heaven. It was just a moment but one of those moments that everything stands still and you feel God right there with you. 
 Out of all things in my life I am most proud of my children and how God is using each of them. It's so important to me that they know who they are in Him. That God will use them each day to love others and to be lights of the world.  They all have their moments, we all do but mostly these kids are sweet kind children who love God.  Recently out of the blue one of Drew's friends moved away. Drew did not know that this kid was leaving and when he came home from school he cried for a long time. I sent his mom a message telling her how much Drew was going to miss her son and her reply took my breath away. She went on to tell me what a difference Drew made in her son's life. How it was obvious that he was a christian and was even praying for people in her family. That her son didn't have that many friends and Drew stepped in and made all the difference. She could not have been kinder and more gracious telling me that my child was so special, a child of God. These are the moments that I live for! I always tell my kids that God can use them everyday even when life or circumstances aren't going well. They need to try their best and let God take care of the rest. 
With all the stress of being a mother and all my compulsive worrying  concern for my kids this is what God wants me doing. It was a great wake up call to me!! So when my brain starts going rapid fire about the food my kids eat, their chores, discipline issues, homework, health, sports...If they are measuring up academically and if they don't get straight A's,B's or even fail a test that they won't get into college which will result in living in my house forever (which actually I would not mind) or not having a job to pay their bills because of how they did on that math test in 5th grade that determined their future. That's when I need to just....STOP and know that these are God's children and my job is to teach them that Christ is the center and to put their faith in Him. After all they are His first and He loves them a lot more then I do and I need to trust Him!
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  1. What a beautiful testimony to your quality parenting!!! Congratulations to sweet Drew!!!!!

  2. This was so beautiful, Katie. I cried while I read it. I love his heart for others. So precious. May God bless him and keep him all the days of his life.

  3. Katie- That is an amazing and a wonderful testimony to your whole family. I love reading about your family and am so glad that you put God in the center of your lives. I will tell you from experience, that even if your children fall away from the Lord at some point, those things they are learning now will be buried deep in their hearts...and at some point the come back. We saw a spiritual healing in our oldest son at 40 years old---because he said he always "knew" what was right and where he was supposed to be. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  4. How exciting for Drew!! What a great reminder, I usually get caught up in all the unimportant things my kids are doing or are not doing and sometimes I forget they are human too, and there's more to life than soccer and grades.


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