Monday, March 30, 2015

Controlled Chaos

Baseball/Softball is in full swing. I love it so much but it is defiantly a huge commitment for the kids and parents alike. Rob is also coaching so that adds even more time crunch. Last week was a rough week, every day I was out running from the moment school let out till late at night. It wears you down, but I know the kids love it and I want them to enjoy their childhoods. We did have a wonderful spring break which gave us a much needed break from baseball!! These pictures were from the beginning of the season which was chilly. This weekend it was in the mid 80's and beautiful.

Really cool!! Church made this huge poster with all kinds of peoples stories as you walk in the church. I loved this moment.
We took the kids Kayaking it was quite fun. Lauren and I were in a boat together we kicked butt. I would tell her "Left, Right,Left" (: She listened and we did really well as a team. The boys were grumpy old men arguing about who was boss and what direction they were going.

We also served with our youth group at church over the break. We went to the Senior Citizen Center and served the seniors, and then went to see Cinderella after. We did lots of eating out and fun things around town. I love living where we live because we have so much to do and see around here. I feel like we live in a vacation destination and the weather was not to bad.
 Of course we had to fit in a little work. We scrubbed our back patio off, what a job. So much dirt and pollen. I feel so bad for Drew and Lauren their allergies are horrible this spring! It never ends I am hoping everything is now done blooming. I have so many more pictures to share but wanted to get these off my phone so I would not forget our adventures.
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  1. Oh My! All three kids play ball?! That IS a big commitment! Good for you, though. Those will be moments they treasure when they are older.
    Love that picture of you and the kids & that is a great baptismal poster.
    Sorry the kids have allergies. I have one daughter that has suffered with them since she was a kid.
    Blessings to you-can't wait to see more- xo Diana

  2. I know - holy pollen!!! And YES: I feel like we live in a vacation destination, too! LOVE IT!!!


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