Saturday, February 7, 2015

New things around the house

This couch was the best couch for children but I am so glad to see it go! It was bulky, big and almost boat like in my living room. I have had my eye out for a slip covered Pottery Barn Couch. I just happened to be at this awesome store that has great resale stuff, and there she was. Now it's not perfect but very nice and for the price I paid it will do for a couple years until I get the new improved down feather version. This couch looks so much better and fits the room perfectly. I did not mind the slip cover, there is one seat that needs a new zipper but that is it. I may even get a new white slipcover but by that point I might just buy the couch since the slipcover is 1/3 the cost of a new couch with a slipcover. This couch is so comfortable, it really is.

My awesome friend Ruth remodeled her whole house and one day when I was over she had this beauty in her garage. I told her I liked it and she gave it to me. I put it in my office, and I love it.
 I was at another friends house and she has this cute cloche. I just had to have it!! Thankfully she bought it at Pier 1 recently. I just love when someone has something that you love and it's still available. So often I see stuff I like in peoples homes, but they usually say I got that years ago.
This is our last Saturday at home just getting yard work done,and hanging around. Next week I have stuff every night of the week and will be in baseball/softball mode full throttle. So thankful for this nice day today. I think winter is finally over in TX, maybe... hopefully.

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  1. I love it when things like that work out. Those Pottery Barn couches are wonderful, aren't they? It looks great. I love the light in your office, too. That is the kind of friends I like to cultivate, too----lol
    And, the cloche is a keeper! xo Diana

  2. I hope TX winter is over now, too! :-D Love that new couch - we'll be in the market for one soon.

  3. what finds- well done! That chandelier must dress up your whole office :)


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