Thursday, February 26, 2015

February madness

Valentines Day was fun this year! The kids all got a little something special from us. I just love buying them little surprises. Lauren got a My Little Pony Watch, Drew a Nerf Gun and Jaden a book.
I helped Lauren make these little Valentines for her class, so easy but cute. 
 This year is the last year for Drew and parties I believe. Next year in 5th grade I think they only have a Christmas party, boo. He has a great sense of humor it really brightens my day.
Jaden came home with a lolly pop from a secret admirer, hmmm He's growing up too!!
Yes my husband is a baseball nut..I am so thankful though because he helps Drew out a lot. He is great with the kids and has a lot of fun. They were working on pitching. Rob gave Drew his game face. The sun was shinning right at me but his smile was so cute I had to post.

 Miss Lauren is now a softball player. Both are playing and it's a big commitment but they love it. Lauren is one of the younger kids on the team and she is still learning but she is great little hitter.
So many of these are taken on my phone, I am going to bring my good camera to the games this weekend. It's just big and heavy. Last week I started getting sick with laryngitis.  Let me tell you no fun having kids and not being able to talk for a week and having the worst throat pain of my life. Things are getting better thankfully. Both Drew and Lauren have double headers this weekend.
This guy hit a home run at practice one day. He is very strong and what a arm he has. It's amazing how in one year how much a boys strength can improve.
I took the picture for Lauren's softball banner, it turned out cute! Lots going one around here. Our baseball season starts so early in TX. I spend many days at the ball fields and running around everywhere. These are the best days of my life though, I don't want to miss a thing.
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  1. Looks like the kids had fun Valentine's Day. Fourth grade is the cut-off for parties here, too-except for Christmas. Kinda sad...cuz they are still such KIDS at that point, ya know?
    Love that your kids are in ball and that dad gets right out there with them.
    That is THE cutest ideas with the gloves and bats making a heart. Perfect.
    Hope your throat is ALL BETTER. xo Diana

  2. Isn't being a sports parent the BEST feeling?!?! It fills my heart to the brim to watch my kids learn & grow!!!


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