Monday, February 16, 2015

Blue Heron Love, Inspiration

 I absolute love Blue Heron's I think they are so amazing! I feel so blessed that most days I get to see one, they live on the lake by my house. They are shy but so beautiful and I love their color. When thinking about decorating our house I love to use colors I see in nature and ones that inspire me to feel calm and relaxed. He fits the bill perfect with his white, gray and a little light brown.
 I needed to find two prints for my bookcase in my formal living area and after searching everywhere I think I found these at I found the frames at Michael's and then put them inside of another older frame for more interest.

 I really love having shelves to decorate. I am so happy on how this project turned out.
 I was able to get a good angle of how they added a support beam in my kitchen without it looking unnatural. Since we took out a wall last spring I wanted it all to be one big room but this happened to be a load bearing wall. I loved how it turned out, to me it looks like woodwork done on purpose.
I love my home in the evening, that is when it looks the most comfortable to me. During the day sometimes my house can be dark in the back due to having a pergola that blocks light and tinted windows. I know it is practical I just love bright and sunny but at night it's really homey.
I love this picture, it's one of my favorites. I made this frame just playing around one day. I'm trying to use things around the house I have since my craft closet is a little cluttered. I know some things are seasonal but I really don't like having extra junk laying everywhere. I have lots of Oyster shells and extra paint. What's old is new and I am going to try and use old frames I have before buying more. It's funny but a lot of things I have almost donated I decide to try something creative. I figure it's fun and it never hurts to try something and most times I am happy with the results, and free. So before you donate look at your stuff and think about if you can reuse it, paint it or turn it into something totally new. I think you will be surprised by your creativity!!
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  1. I love Herons, too. We don't have them here but they are beautiful and always make me think of some prehistoric bird. Love the way you framed them, too.
    That last picture is my favorite though-Daddy loving on his baby girl. Just precious. xo Diana

  2. You are so good at decorating. I love the kissy picture. I also love your beautiful shelves.


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