Thursday, February 26, 2015

February madness

Valentines Day was fun this year! The kids all got a little something special from us. I just love buying them little surprises. Lauren got a My Little Pony Watch, Drew a Nerf Gun and Jaden a book.
I helped Lauren make these little Valentines for her class, so easy but cute. 
 This year is the last year for Drew and parties I believe. Next year in 5th grade I think they only have a Christmas party, boo. He has a great sense of humor it really brightens my day.
Jaden came home with a lolly pop from a secret admirer, hmmm He's growing up too!!
Yes my husband is a baseball nut..I am so thankful though because he helps Drew out a lot. He is great with the kids and has a lot of fun. They were working on pitching. Rob gave Drew his game face. The sun was shinning right at me but his smile was so cute I had to post.

 Miss Lauren is now a softball player. Both are playing and it's a big commitment but they love it. Lauren is one of the younger kids on the team and she is still learning but she is great little hitter.
So many of these are taken on my phone, I am going to bring my good camera to the games this weekend. It's just big and heavy. Last week I started getting sick with laryngitis.  Let me tell you no fun having kids and not being able to talk for a week and having the worst throat pain of my life. Things are getting better thankfully. Both Drew and Lauren have double headers this weekend.
This guy hit a home run at practice one day. He is very strong and what a arm he has. It's amazing how in one year how much a boys strength can improve.
I took the picture for Lauren's softball banner, it turned out cute! Lots going one around here. Our baseball season starts so early in TX. I spend many days at the ball fields and running around everywhere. These are the best days of my life though, I don't want to miss a thing.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Blue Heron Love, Inspiration

 I absolute love Blue Heron's I think they are so amazing! I feel so blessed that most days I get to see one, they live on the lake by my house. They are shy but so beautiful and I love their color. When thinking about decorating our house I love to use colors I see in nature and ones that inspire me to feel calm and relaxed. He fits the bill perfect with his white, gray and a little light brown.
 I needed to find two prints for my bookcase in my formal living area and after searching everywhere I think I found these at I found the frames at Michael's and then put them inside of another older frame for more interest.

 I really love having shelves to decorate. I am so happy on how this project turned out.
 I was able to get a good angle of how they added a support beam in my kitchen without it looking unnatural. Since we took out a wall last spring I wanted it all to be one big room but this happened to be a load bearing wall. I loved how it turned out, to me it looks like woodwork done on purpose.
I love my home in the evening, that is when it looks the most comfortable to me. During the day sometimes my house can be dark in the back due to having a pergola that blocks light and tinted windows. I know it is practical I just love bright and sunny but at night it's really homey.
I love this picture, it's one of my favorites. I made this frame just playing around one day. I'm trying to use things around the house I have since my craft closet is a little cluttered. I know some things are seasonal but I really don't like having extra junk laying everywhere. I have lots of Oyster shells and extra paint. What's old is new and I am going to try and use old frames I have before buying more. It's funny but a lot of things I have almost donated I decide to try something creative. I figure it's fun and it never hurts to try something and most times I am happy with the results, and free. So before you donate look at your stuff and think about if you can reuse it, paint it or turn it into something totally new. I think you will be surprised by your creativity!!
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

New things around the house

This couch was the best couch for children but I am so glad to see it go! It was bulky, big and almost boat like in my living room. I have had my eye out for a slip covered Pottery Barn Couch. I just happened to be at this awesome store that has great resale stuff, and there she was. Now it's not perfect but very nice and for the price I paid it will do for a couple years until I get the new improved down feather version. This couch looks so much better and fits the room perfectly. I did not mind the slip cover, there is one seat that needs a new zipper but that is it. I may even get a new white slipcover but by that point I might just buy the couch since the slipcover is 1/3 the cost of a new couch with a slipcover. This couch is so comfortable, it really is.

My awesome friend Ruth remodeled her whole house and one day when I was over she had this beauty in her garage. I told her I liked it and she gave it to me. I put it in my office, and I love it.
 I was at another friends house and she has this cute cloche. I just had to have it!! Thankfully she bought it at Pier 1 recently. I just love when someone has something that you love and it's still available. So often I see stuff I like in peoples homes, but they usually say I got that years ago.
This is our last Saturday at home just getting yard work done,and hanging around. Next week I have stuff every night of the week and will be in baseball/softball mode full throttle. So thankful for this nice day today. I think winter is finally over in TX, maybe... hopefully.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

The morphing life of a mom

I will miss this for sure one day. Before laundry I cleaned out Lauren's pockets of her jacket. It was like a treasure chest stored in there. As I looked at everything it just made me stop and take this picture. I look at my kids and they are getting taller and taller each month, they need to stop! I love their ages and personalities. They are my therapy and can cure any bad day with all their jokes and sweetness. I was telling Rob the other day I felt like I was the mom with the little kids for what seemed like forever. We always had the little kids at the Play land and get togethers with friends and never could socialize much because of our constant chasing of children. In the last couple years that all changed and now my kids are the big kids.
It wasn't so long ago that I was THAT mom. You know the one at Target that drives you crazy now. The one who has some sort of unknown substance on her clothes, looks frazzled, and has bags under her eyes. The one always yelling for someone to get out of the car, the one who is carrying every single item of clothing, toy, bags and a child in each hand hoping for a magical third hand.. I miss those days in many ways but in many ways glad that those days are behind me. I am enjoying this new freedom but my mind often wonders and reminisces when I see young mothers out and about. My days are not filled with finger paints, chicken nuggets, goldfish and Dora anymore. It's weird how you morph into another stage of motherhood as the kids grow. I now have different worries, concerns, problems. My schedule is filled with practices, meetings, school functions and homework. In many ways I am frazzled in the same way but in a more controlled chaos sort of way. I no longer have to chase toddlers and make sure they are not killing the cat but now it's making sure that huge science project are turned in. It's making sure I have gifts for each kid for birthday parties, being at two practices at once, and juggling a schedule around when school lets out. The positive is that I enjoy more freedom in the day but my day goes so fast!! I have no down time as far as just staying home like when the kids were little. When they were little it was preschool and home and nothing else. I sometimes miss those times, and wish I would have slowed down and enjoyed them more.  I still find it remarkable that God can continue to morph and change a mother to adapt to her children's growing needs.... amazing. 

I miss these little kids! The best part is that I have been able to see them grow as people each step of the way. I will never regret the time I spent with them even though I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown a few times. My children were of the spirited type, I am finding that spirited children are actually pretty amazing and its' been quite surprising to see the positives from their spunkiness.

I enjoy talking about bodily functions most hours of the day, having friends over, helping at the kids  school, going to the store 3-4X a week for food, watching funny movies, doing more grown up family activities, seeing my kids get awards, seeing good grades and more. The not so fun parts are the pre-teen moods, explaining the cruelty and fragile parts about life, and disciplining that won't go away for a while I am sure.
It's so great to sit around and talk with the kids. They bring me YouTube videos on drawing and all kinds of funny stuff. We laugh a lot,its the secret of happiness and family bonding in our house.
The school projects don't end but one day they will and I will..cry. My little birds will fly away.
 I wonder how the teenage years will be? I hope the Lord blesses me with lots of wisdom. We have had a few teenage moments with Jaden. I feel like I have not morphed in that area yet. I want to be the best mom I can be but also show grace and hopefully they will see my life as a example. 
Loving this stage so much!
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