Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cold And Rainy

I don't know about all of you but all this cold and wet weather is depressing me. Normally our weather her in Houston is mild, we may even have a nice 70-80 day in January here and there but mostly 60-70. We will get a cold front for a a few days but it normally is sunny but not lately the last couple weeks it's been chilly and damp. I just feel like eating, sleeping and complaining. I don't like to complain much but after putting all the Christmas stuff away, the kids going back to school and lots of homework last week it made for a long week. I am trying to get my pre- spring cleaning going around here and projects moving along, that makes me happy!! I decided this year to put all tree #1 and tree #2 decorating in baggies and keep them in my new built in. I really liked putting stuff away in the baggies and I am hoping next year it's a breeze to put on the ornaments and keep organized. I love being organized it's the secret to life. I actually have to work at it and it's not natural but I feel so much better when I am organized.
Lauren I know how much you love going to Home Depot, you would think I gave this kid a dollar for this smile. I must have caught her at a good moment. I finally painted my boys rooms. They were the band-aid beige that the my whole house was painted previous. What a great change, I went with Stonington gray. It's a great color, masculine yet light and airy.

 I was on a role and I had to get rid of the last room in our house that was that horrible color. My art room is now beautiful Sea Salt. I think this color is my favorite color besides Revere Pewter. It's the most beautiful color ever!! I may paint Lauren's room this color in the future even though I finished her room not that long ago. Maybe I will do our bathroom this color, maybe inside my closet. I just love this color. Needless to say after a week of painting I was worn out. Painting is fun and exciting to see the change but after a couple days the excitement turns to exhaustion.
Before Christmas Drew went kayaking with his friend Ethan. Right where Ethan lives you can go in the lake, its really neat. Ethan is a sweet kid with of course a great mom who I love to be with. Don't you love it when your kids make you friends? Drew has his friend over and I get to have my friend over too, it's worked out well (:

Tomorrow is Monday!! The weekends go so fast. Between a birthday party, grocery shopping, church and couple movies the weekend is over. It was a nice weekend but ready for sunshine and warmer weather. 
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  1. I am also DESPISING this nasty, cold, wet weather!!! I need my 60's & 70's in winter. This is awful!!!


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