Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Wrap Up

We started with some fun traditions like sugar cookies. Okay either I messed up the recipe or I am just getting older and less patient. It was so messy there was flour everywhere all over the floor and none of the shapes really turned out. The kids decided to use non Christmas shapes, Jaden had a huge lobster cookie cutter. Needless to say the Lobster did not turn out very cute more like a huge bus with a horn. The boys had more fun making up their own creations in total potty humor. These boys are to much lately all they talk about it bodily function.

 I guess at 12 this is not so fun unless of course it includes potty humor.

Christmas Eve we played family games. This was fun! I let the kids open up a gift early it was a game called Totally Gross. It was kind of gross but in more a of a science interesting way. 

 My mom and Dad bought Drew Beats, he was happy
 My boys are Nerf crazy lately and I can't say I am thrilled with the amout of Nerf darts I have found all over the house and yard.
Rob had a Ohio State Christmas
Christmas Day is so fun, but the house looked like a bomb went off. 
Rob making his famous Christmas breakfast
Lauren really wanted this Crayola Paint Maker. Her and Drew seemed to enjoy mixing the paints but really it was not my favorite toy. Lots of effort to make very small amounts of paint. They enjoyed it so that is what counts. We had a wonderful Christmas and I am enjoyed the kids and Rob being home and having lots of family time, it's the best!!!
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  1. Ha! Will got blue Beats & a Nerf thing (the terradrone?), too!

  2. Phew, glad to hear I am in kindred company... cutout cookies are lovely when there is a time and place for them, but they drive me batty trying to do them with the boys as some of our Christmas cookies. Last year I gulped and decided to ax them from my list. Now we don't do them until after Christmas- nearer to Epiphany for us- and I am so so glad about it! Still a mess, but my head's in a little better place to clean up afterwards ;) Thanks for this Katie- anywhere else and I'd sound like a Scrooge!!!!!! Happy New Year!


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