Thursday, January 29, 2015

A day at the beach

We do in fact live close to a coast but it's not the pretty clear water I dream about. It's still a ocean and I love the ocean!! I am so far behind on blogging these were taken over Christmas break. 
Jaden got a metal detector for Christmas, we took it on a walk one day in the neighborhood and dug up metal cement pins, nails, a old can opener. It's actually kind of neat and a fun little hobby for him. We decided to take it to the beach and we found more junk. 
 Then some crazy play time

We had a fun day, stopped at Buc-ee's on the way down and and few stops on the way home.
I sure miss the blue water but I still can collect shells, and feel the ocean breeze. We just planned our summer vacation it's hard to believe that only 7.5 hrs away is the whitest sand I have ever saw and beautiful emerald coast.
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  1. There is something so special about being near the water. It is so freeing . . .it makes me feel young again . . . like a fountain of youth . . . and much better than wrinkle cream, LOL.

  2. looks like that was a fun break! I can't wait to get my boys a metal detector!!!!! I think 1-2 more years and then we'll be golden (ha, get it? golden)

  3. The beach totally holds my heart, as well!!!


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