Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Work Around The House, And More

The last few months we have been busy diving into projects. When we moved into our house not even a year ago we knew we would have our work cut out. It's not been as much work as our PA  house and is much newer but there are still things that need some attention and changes. Our fence was about ready to fall over especially the doors. We would love to have a wrought iron fence in the front sections eventually but for now we are doing wood  because in a few years we may be adding another garage so we are waiting. 
Before: Love that yellow clay color, yikes
Jaden helped Rob rebuild the front sections of the fence.
Look at these two, they are good workers. Rob rebuild the whole front of the fence on both sides, he did a great job. A better paint color for sure!

I decided to try making those cute custom signs for teachers on Etsy. It was really fun, but time consuming and I finished at the last minute. I have never done it so I was trying to be careful and learn the order of the painting and pattern. My kids have such wonderful teachers so I wanted it to be special for them. I made seven signs and our guy teacher I gave a gift card. I didn't think a guy would want a cutsie sign.
I made some patterns to help, and penciled everything out first. I think they turned out cute.
Lauren is really enjoying her advent countdown. I really like this advent calendar. My mom bought the kids these at World Market. This one is a African one with the story of Jesus, very cool.
Friday was a a big day at school. The kids had their fun parties. 

The countdown has begun in our house, everyday Lauren tells me how many days, how many nights sleep, etc. She is ready!
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  1. those signs are amazing!!! They do look just like something I'd find on etsy!


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