Sunday, December 28, 2014

My New Obsession

If you haven't seen this show yet...your in for a real treat. I have watched all the episodes and plan on taking notes and pausing scenes to get more idea. I love HGTV but sometimes get bored with the same old renovations and modern design. When I started watching this show a couple weeks ago I loved it!! I wish I could have had these people help us out here in Houston when we were so frantically looking for a home. Joanna and Chip are a great couple who are super sweet and nice people. I have no idea how Joanna has four kids, her own store, blogs, her own design company, and now her own show. Oh and they are farmers!! Their life looks so fun but I'm only getting the shows perspective the romantic part of the farm life which is so appealing to me, not so much the work though. These people have everything going for them and did I say talented. She is very creative and has great taste so it makes for the best show on TV right now. I am still amazed at what they do with a house and I'm still confused about the budgets. They take out doors, windows,walls etc, and they show the prices which seem very low?? I am a little confused there since I have had extensive work done on two of my houses and our prices were much higher.  I'm thinking it is for the products only, not labor that seems to make sense considering they spend 60,000 and the whole houses seems transformed?  Anyway I am still amazed!
 She is also beautiful and has great style! I want those boots!!
Here is a before and after, amazing. Love this kitchen below!

I love her casual comfortable timeless decorating. I lean more toward coastal then farmhouse but I love it all. I think we are going to have to take a drive to Waco one of these days and visit their shop.
Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!! I have much more to come (:
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  1. WOW! I'm not into home improvements, but that house transformation is AMAZING!!! (& I love her boots, too! ;-))

  2. some amazing work and style there!


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