Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Christmas Decor

I put some lights outside. It's nothing to spectacular. Rob won't get on the roof to do lights, and he won't let me so the lights in the bushes is our extent of lights. Maybe one year we will pay someone to do the lights, but for now it's good.
I bought some new ornaments. The funny story about this one is that it is a neat frame that I planned on putting a family picture in. One of my friends came over last week and I told her I haven't filled it in yet so don't laugh. She said well you do love Pottery barn and so do I so we will honor Pottery Barn so maybe you should leave it. It's kind of funny. 

Found these little nests at Marshall's
My big tree leans a little to the right, very odd. I hope that I just didn't put something together correct hopefully it stays up unless Mr. Crosby decides to climb his Magical Tree Fortress and leans a little to much to the right, oh no!

 One of my friends asked me how I do my garland and I told her my secret is mixing a bunch of stuff and using natural looking picks. This garland is cheap garland with a swag of fall looking pumpkins mixed in. With the greenery and lights I think it goes well for Christmas. I love finding natural elements even from the yard.

 I love this ribbon I found a huge role at Sam's club for very inexpensive.

Another great Ross find, silver trees $15. They are so messy with glitter everywhere but I love these!!

 My Urn's are looking a little pathetic but I love them. I need to find something new eventually maybe wrought Iron with some ivy. The problem is it takes me a long time to find exactly what I want. I can't just go to the store and find it. In my head I know what it is but the frustrating  fun part is finding it for the price I want to pay.
I'm loving the house right now if feels so warm and happy!

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  1. Very pretty Katie! I adore Pottery Barn too. :)

    I like the sparkles you've added with the ornaments.

    We pay someone to do the lights on our house and surprisingly it's not as much as I would have thought.

  2. your house looks so festive and cozy! The pictures of it are fabulous! I think I saw on your blog that your previous home was in Pa? I now live in Vermont, but I grew up in Pennsylvania- Lehigh Valley area. If I read correctly, then a Pa to Tx transition would be huge! You house reflects how talented you are to be able to set up "home" anywhere :)


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