Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun December

This picture speaks for it's self, our house is ecstatic or should I say my husband that OSU will be playing on Jan 1st. Now for Buddy, he is such a lazy lazy elf. I try...I really do. I don't know why I torture myself with coming up with ideas of moving a plastic creepy elf. I know why...Because my children love it. Mostly these days it's Lauren she wakes up every morning looking for Buddy. The boys are now in on the magic of Christmas, so they thankfully help me out sometimes.
 Last week Rob had his work Christmas party, it was such a fun night. I haven't dressed up in forever. The kids only know me in my mom uniform which consists of ballet flats, jeans, and some button up shirt in a select number of colors. Rob actually picked out my dress and I loved it. The day before the event he told me the dress code of cocktail attire which I about died when he told me. I had plans to volunteer at the school most of the day the day of the dinner. So that night we ventured out to the mall. I think as I have gotten older I know what I like and that does not consist of looking through racks of endless clothes. Its so nice to see it, try it on and go. In my mind I know exactly what I like but finding that look takes way to much time. I wish I could make Pinterest Pins my closet, that would solve lots of issues. 
A few weeks before we had some of the people who work with Rob over for a team building event. They made dinner together, it was actually fun. I was impressed with some of the men's skills. I love the people he works with they are the best he is so lucky he has a great team.

In between everything I have been trying to get some shopping done. The best trick to keep kids happy a phone and popcorn. I thought I would have tons of time during the week but no, I am out shopping with my whole family.  Last Sunday Jaden's church group went to the nursing home. Rob and I helped and took Lauren and Drew to have a nice experience serving others. They loved it! That is a understatement actually it was such a fun event for them. I was so proud of all our kids they were so sweet and kind to all the residents. They sang Christmas Carol's and showed great care.

Some funny stories...I met a lady and she told me about her daughter Katie Jo 3x, it was so cute. I met her three times and she did not remember meting me the first time but had just as much enthusiasm and sweetness each time.  I was so proud of my kids they were naturals. I looked over at one point and Drew is sharing the salvation message.  He carefully and gentle explained what each bead on the cross necklace represented as the little old lady drifted off to sleep in her chair, God love him. These sweet elderly people were precious, they loved seeing the children and loved the attention. My kids loved it so much that when our group left they wanted to stay and play Bingo. The little old lady we played Bingo with was 91 and was quite sharp. She was as competitive as Lauren.

Lauren won a banana from her Bingo. I just love my sweet sweet kids. Last week I also went out with some of my neighbors, mom's night out. It was a lot of fun. People in Houston are so interesting. Where we live people are from all over and have the most fascinating careers and lives. We have been busy non-stop but in good ways. I'm looking forward to Christmas and I'm happy to say I don't miss cold weather a bit. It is still weird that it is in the 60-70's here most days.

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  1. I love your dress and esp. the sweet kid stories!!!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful experience for your kids. I love that your son explained the salvation message. How dear is that! I suppose we shall all someday repeat the same story 3 times in a row-should we live long enough.

    YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! I love that dress on you. You did it proud, Katie. LOVE it- xo Diana

  3. those nursing home photos are priceless- look at the faces of the residents! They're delighted! What a special way to instill Christmas spirit. In playful news- we leave to visit family in Pa over the next few days- I believe our elf will be coming with us as long as he remembers to get in the car or magically fly there! Happy Holidays!


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