Thursday, November 27, 2014

Welcome Please Come In

I'm finally done with most of our Christmas decorations. Last year we were living in the hotel so this is our first year in our new home for Christmas.We are enjoying it so much!! I started a couple weeks ago and did a little here and there. I have so much stuff half was useful and a lot didn't work. I still have stuff in my spare bedroom everywhere I need to make a donation and really got through stuff and organize. I had to come up with a whole new plan on where I wanted stuff hopefully next year it will go faster. 

I love these wreaths, so cute only $16. I bought them at Ross which is such a hit or miss store. I never go in there looking for anything I need it just changes from day to day. From pure junk to stuff that is really cute, you never know. We have a ton here so I go to a couple different ones every couple weeks.
We bought a new tree for our entrance it's really pretty and fits perfectly. I made this tree my Pottery Barn inspired tree. Everything is gold, silver, natural. The garland on my banister is a bunch of greens I already had that I layered to make work. I need to buy some more but I was trying to swing it with all the stuff I already had. It's amazing how you can make things work. Sometimes I think I need new but then I start getting creative and it works.
 In my kitchen living area I have my other tree, it's pretty much right around the corner. I love this tree! It's such a beautiful bright natural looking tree. When we moved from Columbus our church friends gave us a awesome gift card so we bought this and I love it.

Rob's boss went pheasant hunting so I had Rob text him to bring me home a few feathers, I am so glad I did!!
 At night things look so cozy
 I found the best ribbon this year I will post some close ups tomorrow but I tried some new stuff this year and I am happy with everything.

I will have some more pictures soon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the way everything looks at night, too!


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