Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Proud Of My Husband

Rob was copied in on this letter a parent wrote about him. I don't post this to brag but to encourage the true reasons why kids should play sports. I am so proud of Rob! He honestly is a wonderful coach  and the kids and parents love him the same. Sports have been a big part of his life from as long as he could remember. Sports has helped him with trials in life throughout his childhood and into adulthood. I asked him how sports changed his life and his answer was that it gave him perseverance and confidence that made him who he is. He recalled going to a camp called Yes I Can Camp and he said that they build you up as a player but also teach you what you do wrong so that you can do better the next time by not letting your failures become your demise. He also was blessed with positive coaches and a few not so positive coaches to learn what not to do. Rob is a excellent athlete, sports comes natural to him but he often says he was not the best athlete but wanted to be so he worked really hard and challenged himself to be even better. A lot of dad's ask him if he played professional sports because of his knowledge and his coaching abilities I always kid that it is good for his ego (: He does have a natural way of taking a average team and making them winners. This comes without breaking them down but building them up to see how much better they can be when they work hard and play the right way. He is positive and encouraging teaching the kids skills but also respect, heart, and being a team player. Sports is a lot more then winning although he loves to win as most do that is not what develops an athlete. He want the kids to truly learn the sport and gain confidence. I wish he would write a book on how to properly coach kids it is more then a passion it his calling. With the way youth sports has turned I am afraid way to many kids are missing out on the opportunity and lessons from sports and will not want to play. To many coaches and even some parents are teaching their kids the wrong lessons. From simply building over confidence in the best athletes to ignoring the less skilled players they are not going to have winsome behavior in the long run. I really do hope that more coaches really think about why they are coaching and what their goal and purposes are. Saying all of this I am proud of you Rob!
 Always patient yet intense

 Drew is proud of his dad too

Oh and Happy 39th Birthday Rob we all love you so much!
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  1. YES!!!!! Wonderfulness!!!!!!!! I know it just makes your heart burst to know your husband is such a positive role model to so many! [And JB just turned 39 (this Sunday), too! :-D]

  2. What a GREAT dad and a GREAT coach....AND handsome, too. Doesn't get any better than that! The kids are so cute with their dad...xo Diana


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