Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good Times

We have had a lot going on lately. The kids are all in really nice stages and they all seem happy. Report cards came home a month or so ago and all the kids received A's but there was one B! I'm so proud and what a accomplishment. They have worked really hard. School is demanding here I am really impressed with our schools. They have added so much to the curriculum it can be tough. The math is unreal, I have pretty much given up with Jaden's math. I can barely remember how to do Drew's. Not only that they have to teach the kids five different methods to figure out one problem and I don't know much about these long drawn out explanations. That is how it is so we go with it and the kids seems to understand. Jaden also was awarded Leader Of The Pack. It's a great honor to be chosen buy your classmates to receive this award which represents leadership, kindness, attitude. I'm very proud of him and all the kids. I have to remind them that I am proud of them when they give a good effort. which is not always A's. Sometimes they mess up, and it's okay.
My step-brother and his family came to visit us they live in Lubbock. They flew down along with our parents and our families had a fun weekend. The boys went to a Texan's game and had a great time. The kids loved having little Camile around a few days. 

It It was nice to see my mom, we always have fun together.Last week our church hosted Change the Story  It was really really good. It takes you through three unique true stories of kids lives living in extreme poverty. All three of my kids really enjoyed it and it made them more thankful for their lives and our daily conviences we take for granted. I highly recommend going if it comes to a city near you. Adoption and orphan care is very near and dear to my heart. I have great compassion for children, it's where my heart breaks. Kids are so awesome and each child in this world is special, just wish they all had a chance and parents to love them ):

 I hope many children get sponsored through this ministry.
You walk room to room listening and seeing these heart wrenching stories that are the daily life of kids all over our world. I felt so humbled and grateful when I left but so sad in many ways. 
Looking forward to the Holidays To Come. Either life truly is faster or it just gets faster and faster as we age. I just put up the trees because before I know it Christmas will be over. I want to enjoy and be thankful for each day!

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  1. You have such a lovely family, Katie. Good for your kids. I would be proud of them, too. You look so much like your Mom...so you will be a beautiful older Mom someday, too!;>)
    I don't know if I could stand the heartbreak of visiting that exhibit! Those sorts of things really remind you of what life is all about, doesn't it? xo Diana


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