Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Fall

I love fall decorating! It's still in the high 80's here most days but we have had few days in the refreshing high 70's. I do miss the changing leaves from back home but I don't miss all the raking leaves and let's not forget the freezing to come after the Midwestern beauty of fall. I will take the mild, because I hate being cold. I didn't really buy a lot new this year but made a couple new wreaths. Since we have the double doors I have to make two of each.

 Very simple I just added a few pumpkins, and some green dangle stuff and moss. Hobby Lobby near my house has had very limited selection of greens for wreaths. I am wondering if that is all over or just my store. The isle with all the green picks is very slim and there are no boxwood style picks at all and very little attractive selections.

Some of my favorite stuff is mixed and matched. This urn was the bottom of a old Christmas tree not sure where the tree went but I like the base. 
I love Pheasant Feathers but need to buy in bulk somewhere because they had very little of those either except for the $10 a piece ones for only one stinkin feather (Jackie, ha ha)
This Pumpkin pot is so cute, it's huge and heavy. I found this at Home Depot. I love looking at every ones decoration around the neighborhood they probably think I am a stalker but I love to get new ideas. Once I was done with all this stuff, I noticed HEB (a TX grocery store) had tons of real pumpkins in all these cute sizes in green, white, bright orange...maybe next year.
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  1. How very lovely it all looks for Fall, Katie. I bet the kids are excited. How nice it will be to not have freezing weather for Halloween. xo Diana

  2. So pretty. I love the fall decor instead of the scary Halloween. Your porch makes me feel like it's Autumn. Here in California we don't really get that season.


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