Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crosby Our New Kitty

Our cat Lincoln decided to run out one night when I was letting the dog out. At this point I was so sick of him meowing by the door all hours of the night I just said, fine!!  I figured I would get him in a few minutes. He normally likes to go outside and walk around the pool or likes to sit under the patio during the day. After his persuasive meowing I will let him outside for about 30-40 min to get fresh air since he loves it so much. I called him a few minutes later and no bell, no meow, nothing. I went to bed I was exhausted that night, but somehow in my magical mom way I was up again at 1:00 am calling for him outside. Our yard is fenced but he has escaped under the fence a few times but always comes when I call. I call out  a few more times nothing...Okay I figure I will hear him scratching at the door around 5:00am, nothing...The next day nothing.. I have to tell the kids): Not exactly a fun time. We were all pretty sad, I actually have cried a few times knowing that his death was not a good one. I came to this because the next day while letting Champ out I heard the Coyote's howling right by the house, lots of them. At that point I kind of new in my heart that he was never coming back. It is painful to lose a pet and not know what happened. I guess it is good that we did not find him in that sort of condition. It's common here to have pets disappear we live near lots of woods and our neighborhood is wooded. Some people say it's just a cat, but pets are like family to me. Lincoln brought my children loads of entertainment. He was not the most loving cat but our friend and we do miss him. A week ago I went to the shelter to look for Lincoln and see if any other kitties needed a home. I figured if Lincoln came home he would have a friend. I about had a panic attack during my visit at the shelter. There were so many animals vying for love and attention. I am a huge animal lover and it broke my heart the number of pets in this not overly huge building... 700 pets!! I left feeling even worse then when I came and left empty handed. I looked a few other places and found a sweet kitty that needed a home. Drew and I always say we love the white tigers with the blue eyes so when I saw him I could not resist...Meet Crosby!
 He is not quite 5months old yet but is a sweet sweet boy. He had all his shots and neutered and get this one FREE, the lady could not keep him due to allergies and needed to find him a home before she took him to the shelter. He is a complete Joy! He loves the kids, purrs non stop, plays and is gentle and my favorite  he is a lap cat. 

We still hope Lincoln comes home but Crosby has defiantly made us feel better. It's amazing what a impact a little kitten can have on you. Animals are the sweetest.
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  1. He is beautiful . . . those blue eyes capture your heart:)
    The second photo is my favorite . . . I wonder what he is thinking, don't you?
    He's blessed to have a new home and three great kids to play with him.

  2. I agree 100% re: the powerful impact a pet has on a family! Bonnie makes our house whole. Whenever we buy next, I'm getting one or two more beagles!!! :-D

  3. He is gorgeous!! So sorry about your kitty :(

  4. oh, Katie- He is just beautiful but how sad about Lincoln. I have a few pets that have just left that forever print deep in my heart. After I lost my last sweet little Mistycat I have not had the heart to get another. I just don't think I could bear another hubby is allergic to cats.

    I know the kids are going to love that new "baby" in your lives! xo Diana


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