Thursday, October 30, 2014

Built in Cabinet-Yeah!

I'm so proud of Rob, he pretty much built this after I showed him some blogs and ideas. He is really good at measuring, making sure everything is level and thinks about the execution where I think about the design and style. We are bookends but it works out well. I'm not a big fan of math unless it involves percentages off and all woman know why that is important. That space to the right is going to be filled with another bird picture. I am behind on blogging but I painted the one on the left but wanted two similar pictures for the alcoves on the shelf. I may change this up I decorated this late at night, after working non stop for a week. We have company coming so I had to get going. We are going to add a trim piece on top but not sure yet, probably a small piece of crown.
Here is the before. We had the perfect space for this built-in
Rob built a base first by putting it on top of cabinet and gluing and screwing it to make a base. Then he put it on the ground and set the cabinets on top. We bought stock cabinets from Home Depot to use. This made it much easier since we are not woodworkers so this saved lots of time. We used top cabinets to make it much more narrow but still have a great built-in effect.
The counter was a little tricky because we needed a specific size wood. I did not feel like driving to Ikea to get a butcher block top so we just made one ourselves. We took two pieces of wood and wood glued them. I filled in the cracks and sanded like crazy. I initially stained it dark wood but it just did not look right in this room. This room is bright and airy so it was to heavy. I painted the whole cabinet White Dove, love this color white!!

 This is where it gets kind of tricky, depending on how much room you have and how far you want your shelves to come out. We decided to use nice heavy wood and make this thing sturdy. We measured how tall we wanted it and doubled up the middle sections with double wood so we could attach screws to the top. It is kind of hard to buy a 12 foot piece so you have to make cuts for certain areas like the top pieces. Most of the cuts Rob made when we got home. There are lots of little details and that can be aggravating and time consuming sometimes blogs don't share those annoying things.
He made a template for the cabinet holders, this part was easy not to bad. Then we had to decide where to put them since these are not movable shelves. A little stressful but I like the spacing.

Looking good, just needs trimmed, caulked, and painted. This was a time consuming project and my hand hurt when we I was done, this was a lot of painting and caulking! See my Whataburger Cup? That is a must when doing major projects. I'm really proud of my husband. He is good at everything he tries, it's not fair (: He is smart and plans things out. I'm the crazy spaze the gives him a million ideas, and thoughts when he is still on step one. It's funny though we only got a little crabby a few times due to being hungry or tired. 

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  1. They are beautiful! I can not believe how much bigger it makes that space look:)
    What a man . . . I think he is a keeper, LOL.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister,

  2. Katie- What a perfect finishing piece for this room. Love your bird painting and can't wait to see another one. Great work using the stock cabinetry and making it work for you. I was telling someone in blogland the other day that I have been using BM's White Dove exclusively for 20+ years. It has been the color for trim and woodwork for at least 6 houses now! Love it on your piece. Styling looks great, too- xo Diana

  3. That looks fantastic! I think you styled the shelves beautifully!

    We paid someone to build two smaller sets of shelves in our house and it was quite expensive. You were smart to use the prebuilt cabinets. I might have to remember that for another spot we have. :)

  4. SUPER IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!! Great work!!!!!!


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