Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birthday Party, And Lauren's Award

The boys had a great birthday party. It was a success we had lots of friends come and great weather after having several days of heavy rain. We had a cookout, Nerf gun fight and swimming at our house. It's starting to feel like home now that we can have parties and I know some of the mom's.

 Love these boys!!
 We bought Jaden a new computer it's really cool because you can touch the screen and still use the regular keyboard. Drew got a few more sports shirts, a Audi R8 remote control car, a radio and a couple games and books.
My beautiful girl is doing so well in school and in all areas. We had a God thing happen in our neighborhood last week. While riding her bike she fell off and fell into a storm drain about 4ft down. I was waking the dog behind her and saw her fall and I panicked knowing it was going to result in a broken somthing. I ran over and she walked out of the drain without a scratch. I could not believe it and as I looked at her she said "God saved Me" I love this girls faith.
After dinner one night she asked to make desert. She is really cute and becoming so mature. She did this all by herself with oranges and grapes. She loves to serve others and mother her brothers. When I went into school one day after their Storybook Parade her teacher told me she had a special note in her backpack. When we got home I saw she received a award for being respectful. Only 1-2 kids per class won this and she would be honored at a special event. I was so thrilled considering Lauren Grace was quite the handful her first 5 yrs and especially at preschool. Now her vivacious spirit is serving her well. She likes to be a good girl and does her best each day.
It has a been a true testament of Gods faithfulness when it wasn't always easy to parent this little one. She is a kind,giving and sweet kid. Did I mention smart, I went to her conference and her teacher says she is already reading where they like to see the kids by the end of the year and to push her because she is a really good reader and is smart (: I have been crazy busy with the kids activities and being actively involved with helping at the school and many other things. Good things but mamas tired... but what a great reasons to be tired.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you little guy! What a great party and the swimming is just the crowing touch for kids, isn't it? I really love that you are feeling at home now and have met other moms.

    Lauren is really getting grown up. I know she was a handful for you but God can turn those negatives into positives in a millisecond. And...sounds like a mini-miracle with her falling in the drain. Don't you LOVE how a child has so much faith? I wonder when we lose blind faith like that?

    Hope you have a wonderful night! xo Diana

  2. Your kids are just precious! I'm so glad you are feeling more settled in. :)


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