Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Jaden

I know I say this every year but it's hard to believe you are no longer that little boy that used to say Home Epo with a John Deere tractor in each hand. This year I have seen you become a man, and you have really stepped up in every way. Last year during our move you had to go to a school you really didn't like coming from a school you loved. It was not easy but I told you that God was going to use you and people would notice that you were different. Within a month you were nominated as Leader Of The Pack by your class and your teacher called me to thank me for raising such a special kid. When you left that school she cried because she said you brought her so much hope and we had no idea how you made her feel being in her class. When we moved to the new school you won the award again, not surprising. You are always willing to help classmates and you love to make your teachers feel good.  Not only are you respectful you are bright and you work really hard and excel. You are also wise and logical. I love how you gather all your facts and make a fair opinion on every topic imaginable. You are still a unorganized mess but I love that about you. If I ever need to find you it's not to difficult because you leave a trail of where you have been.
Here you are with Nana you two look a lot a like and she adores you.  Grandpa is your buddy and you and him are great friends.

 I love that you value and respect dad and I. We have lots of talks together and I know we will always be close. This year you shared how you feel like you sometimes don't fit in and how it's hard to meet new friends. I always want you to remember that you should be your authentic self and be who God made you to be. True friends are worth the wait and they say a lot about you and they can really influence you. Middle school is not the easiest time, everyone feels like you do but you should continue to be exactly who you are and the right friends will come. I also want you remember that four quarters is better then 100 pennies when it comes to friends. Just believe that and laugh at yourself if you accidentally trip or get embarrassed.  
You also have your silly comical side, there is nothing like it. You are witty and silly. When we were going out to eat one day you insisted that Drew needed a caffeine boost and that your cat needed more Kitty Cannabis while we were out.
I'm so happy you and Drew are best friends. When I think of You I think of him. You are opposites in so many things but you two are inseparable. Most Friday nights you two are up late playing Mindcraft or reading.
A couple of weekends ago you conquered some fears and even went zip lining. We could not be more proud of all you do. You are a leader and we are so excited on what is to come. This year has been a big one as far as maturity but you still have a innocence that I wish could be forever. The day you rode your bike to school for the first time I watched you go and I cried. You have your wings and you are going to fly. It's hard for me to let go in some ways but yet I am so encouraged and proud of you when you try new things or do the right thing when it would be easier not to. It's a big world out there and letting you go can be hard. I know you will make lots of good choices and maybe a few not so good but I want you to know that mom and dad will always be here for you no matter what. Nothing could make us love you any less and I can only love you more each day if that is even possible. Jaden you are the best!
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  1. Happy Birthday Jaden!
    I would say that you are blessed with a wonderful life,
    filled with so many loving friends and family.
    Here's wishing you the very best . . .
    Life is good, enjoy!


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