Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
My sweet boy you're 10 today! When I look at this picture above you are not looking like a little boy anymore, sniff sniff. You have grown a lot and you are getting so tall. You still love your Nike long socks, one day we will laugh. I love how coordinated you are with your wardrobe and you are actually very good at putting stuff together. You also got braces and I think that makes you look older as well. You have done really well with all the orthodontics going on. You had to get a palate expander and now top braces and it doesn't surprise me but you love how you can change out your band color to match different sports teams. 
You are a animal lover and sweet sweet boy. You do not like injustices and you are not afraid to stand up for others. Mom always tells you to be like a Tim Tebow when it comes to playing sports and with the other kids in general. You sometimes come home and tell me how you talked to your friend about Jesus and how you hope they know Him. You love pop music and christian music. You still can dance and you do the Dancing Yoda now. The Dancing Yoda is one of my favorite things!! I love to see you put on the Yoda mask and bust a move. You never leave me bored or not laughing. You are a jokester and have a great sense of humor. 
I love when your eyes get really big and your smile is as big as the sun. You bring a joy to my heart that is indescribable. You bring life wherever you go. You are also polite and sincere and have a very sensitive heart. One day you tried to describe that when something bothers you or you get your feelings hurt how inside your heart hurts with pain and emotion. I told you how special that was to be sensitive and that you are going to make one wife super happy with all your sweetness and charm. Speaking of charming you love all things England and tea, you want to be British. You still love all things sports especially baseball and football. I'm so glad you have Dad to help you and he teaches you so much. You went to your first Astros game a couple weeks ago and dad caught you a ball!
 Always be who God has made you Drew, don't go with the crowd do what is right. You want to be liked and that is a good thing but remember Who's You are as Dad always tells you. I could not be more proud of the man you are becoming. You work hard in school, sports, and have a good attitude and effort. We are proud of this but know that you sometimes need to be pushed a little bit. Mom is very protective of you and for good reason but sometimes I need to let you make mistakes and fail. Believe me it's not because I want you to it's painful to me but because it makes you better. Remember how you didn't do so well on your math test because you got a little careless even though you knew it all but you didn't read it all carefully? After consequences you came back stronger and worked harder the next week and got a A. You are a fighter and the toughest kid I know. God is going to use you in many ways thought life's good and bad. You have such a big heart! You love children and want to help people with your compassionate giving soul. Those qualities my son are not given to everyone. You are making a difference in the world and we love you so much!
You are the BEST!!

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  1. Wow, two birthdays so close together!
    Your Drew has an amazing smile, he looks like a swell kid:)
    Happy Birthday Drew!


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