Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vacation Gulf Shores Part 2

 Another fun day in the sun, some of my pictures are kind of fuzzy from my phone which is really weird because I have a newer iphone, maybe it's the mist from the ocean. I brought my camera a couple days and those are much better but she's a beast so it's not to fun to carry around. 

Drew loves this shirt
 We walked on the pier which was awesome but I so wish we would have done it earlier because you could see so many fish but by the time we got on after taking a few pictures it was dark. At least we got to see the sunset which was beautiful.

 Our blurry cute picture, thanks to one of our children. 
We went to a old Navy fort called Ft.Pickens. The kids enjoyed looked at the old fort, lots of history. Such a pretty view from the Fort too.

 The beach we went to was by the fort, so calm and peaceful.
His face is priceless a boy enjoying life!

Yes, I am a pushover when it comes to many things but some things I have no tolerance for. I want to say "yes" as much as I can but when I mean "no" my kids get it. This is something I have learned through years of parenting. Does it really matter if the kids stay up 10 min later or have another snack or ask me to play another game or get hermit crabs that will probably die in less then 3months? Those are all good things and really not big deals but when I say you need to be respectful, hardworking and finish your homework they better listen. The lines can get blurred.. the fun of parenting (: The kids just loved the hermit crabs, I figured these were a better souvenir then a bunch of junk from one of those beach shops. Since we have been home the crabs have already switched shells and got some new toys. They are interesting and so far no smell, bonus. We had such nice time we will defiantly go back next year I'm sure. We have done so much in the last couple weeks, school is starting so soon so we are trying to fit in all the fun at the end here. I hope everyone is enjoyed these last couple weeks and cherishing every moment.
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  1. What a great trip recap! (Both posts! :-)) So glad y'all had this family vacay time together!!!


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