Monday, August 4, 2014

Vacation Gulf Shores part 1

We have been so busy with the house renovations that I never really sat down and planned a vacation this summer. It is our first year in TX and first year having our backyard paradise that I thought we would be okay waiting till fall or winter. We all really needed a getaway so I started looking and the Gulf Shores are not to far from our house so we decided to take a short vacation and check it all out. I also wanted to stop in New Orleans since I have never been there and since I love all things that have to do with historic building and french decor I had to check it out. I am so glad we stopped plus the kids got to see a very interesting colorful place.

Lauren said that this was Princess Tiana's restaurant. I said, really??? "Mom, dead serious this is really her place."
 The boys saw the movie Big recently and they saw a familiar face.
 Rob has been to NO several times with work but we haven't so this was all new. Cafe De Monde was wonderful, but really crowded. This day in particular was really hot it probably was 95 degrees with people everywhere but we had to have the cocaine coffee as my dear husband calls it and the Beignets. Both of these defiantly lived up to there hype, it was great but we were really hot and sweaty drinking our hot coffee and hot donuts as the kids called them. 

We did not take the kids down Bourbon Street, it really is a freak show. I walked down for a second and it was really odd and freaky. I love the flowers, and french influences and art work but besides this I was a bit disappointed in the how dirty and stinky it was. It smelled like a NY Subway Station with a hint of fried food here and there, yikes. If you know this smell it is reminiscent of filth and urine, no good. Anyway we enjoyed the music and we ate at a good restaurant to my husband anyway since he loves Cajun food. When we were there it started to poor rain so that was a adventure. I'm glad we stopped since it right on our way, it was worth a stop. Next time we go we want to take a tour because the history is fascinating.

 We decided to go to Pensacola, FL. It was as you can see amazing. I have never been to this part of Florida. It's hard to believe how blue/green and clear the water is. It's like the secret US Bahamas that nobody ever talks about. This place is so underrated, the sand is like brown sugar but white. No rocks, no seaweed, clear water not very crowded.
 The kids absolute loved it but they are total beach kids. They rode their boggy boards and went deep in the ocean and snorkeled.The water is so clear you can actually snorkel. There were not a lot of fish but some white ones and a few other things. We did see beautiful huge rays that swam right around us and big schools of fish that looked like big dark sharks coming that was a little scary but we realized they were schools of fish.
 We mostly spent our time at the beaches by the national park and Ft.Pickens. You could walk a mile or so without seeing one person, so peaceful.
We all enjoyed some good seafood. This restaurant Crabs was really good. We could even eat right on the beach. What a relaxing time!

 I love this picture. Jaden has his eyes shut but so cute. 

 Everyday I would run to the store and pack a lunch with fun food like Lunchables, Sushi, Hummus and dip, fresh fruit. It was fun to pack things I don't buy everyday at home. I could seriously read a book and eat food all day sitting there, lol!!

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