Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pinterest Project

Who doesn't love Pinterest? I will admit I have spent way to much time on it, a definite time drain. I just love it so much my brain usually can't shut off after gathering new ideas. I found this idea from The Endearing Home and I copied exactly what she did. I really like this blog Lauren is so creative and seems like a nice person. Her pictures turned out better then mine, I could not find the dark stain she mentioned my store did not carry it so I had to buy the one below which wasn't that great. I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby I think they were $8 each, I think the total project was like $60

 I would bore you with the details but you can check out her blog since she deserves the credit for this creation.

I love how it looks in my living area, I can never find exactly what I want so making stuff works out so much better most of the time. 
 photo signature_zps66885a6e.png


  1. Katie- Those look GREAT! I seriously love them. Glad to be back from my break and reconnect. xo Diana

  2. Oh, Katie- BTW- I sent Connie over to you to see if you were interested in a blog hop feature. Just so you know----

  3. Hi Katie, I love hat you did with these frames and they look gorgeous hanging on your wall. This is my first time visiting your blog. I was sent here by Diana of "Nana Diana Takes A Break". She recommended that I contact you. I have a request that I would like to propose to you. There is a Blog Hop going on and I have been asked to participate. This is my first time at this. Next Monday when I post I need to introduce three other blogger to my followers and I would love to have you as one of my three. Now, because this is all new to me I have added two links here that can show you what this is all about. If you would be so kind as to say yes to my request, I would be very grateful:) Kay at 505 Whimsy Girl is introducing me this week on her blog, and Kim MeYoung introduced her last week. If you read Kay's blog, you will see what I needed to do for Kay (write a brief Bio). So, this is what I would need from you. I hope that this isn't an imposition. It could be a great way to meet and greet new blogging sisters and create a larger group of sister followers.
    Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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