Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Doors And More....

Hi friends, I guess since moving to TX being overwhelmed would be an understatement. I was looking at my blog and cleaning up pictures and realized I never posted my doors or paint inside, I also have some other things to share. I love to keep this blog as my diary for the kids and as a photo album to print. I still make prints since I am always afraid something will get lost but this helps condense the number of photos I need to print. I have so many pictures and albums they are my biggest treasures since you lose half your memory when you have multiple children. I never though I would ever forget some things but I have so having the blog defiantly helps. Anyway I love my new doors, they are so amazing and they look so much better then what I used to have. I dreamed of these doors for many years. I love them, not sure why but everything about the beveled glass and wood just make me happy. I love having two wreaths to decorate too. I picked out the door and had my contractor put them in, but I stained them. It was not easy but I saved a little money for another project. I remember being so excited the night I painted them, I put them on Facebook but never blogged, ha ha. 

 I just love them!!
This is my back porch by the pool I added the flag for the fourth and haven't really had time to make it look great but I am hoping I can work on this and the garden eventually. We bought the patio furniture from the previous owner. I do not love the orange tan but it's solid nice furniture and there was quite a bit. I'm hoping to find some new cushions eventually. I added a little shelf and thought I could decorate it for the seasons.
 How can I forget to post pictures of our crazy insane cat Freddy Cat-Er the kids have nicknamed him. Think Freddy Kruger ( I will add.. they have never seen a Nightmare On Elm St) but they know who Freddy is they are not living under a rock although they are pretty innocent kids. Lincoln AKA Freddy Cat-Er kills everything he can get his teeth into. He kills innocent lizards daily. He loves to go outdoors but really he is a inside cat but escapes to kill things. He loves the outdoors and has recently decided to start meowing by the door at 4:30 am each morning and continues to meow for hours. I really don't want him out except an occasional prance around the yard which he normally does but this meowing is driving Rob and I insane. He even pounds on the glass with his paws. 
 You can just picture the thoughts in his head..."I must kill more green lizards!"

 My stairs with our new paint color Revere Pewter. Yes, it lives up to the hype. I could not be more happy with the color, its warm but natural and looks great with the white trim.

 Most of the house is painted this color. I only have the boys bedrooms left and my art room and the painting is complete. 
 I love how my doors brought in some natural light too. Our house felt so dark when we moved in it feels so different now with the open balcony, new paint and white kitchen. Color is absolutely amazing and the biggest bang for your buck.
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