Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Minute Fun And Back To School

 Not to far from us there is a huge statue but none other then Sam Houston. We decided to stop by and check it out, immediately this is what happened. Lauren is looking at the camera like "Seriously."

We found this really cool place called Annette's It is not to far from us but a nice drive. Really unique shop full of TX influences and very unique finds. This place has to have been on the Travel Channel. They have a barn full of stuff like from the show American Picker's that you can buy.
Yes this was a stressful event. There were so many exact things, I was searching high and low up and down every isle while my three kiddos argued and kept throwing stuff in the cart as I marked off the list. I was all confused because Lauren was scanning stuff on the end cap for fun but removing stuff and adding stuff..Yikes...Along with this food was going in the cart and other things that we had to have like erasers shaped like ice cream and a pencil sharpener shaped like a garbage can (:  Next year I will buy the kit through the school. I don't know why I made this so complicated I guess I had this sweet memory of buying school supplies with my mom so I figured it would be fun to take them but with a list like I don't know what I was thinking 

Yeah it's all good
 This place is down the road from us to cool oh and Sky Zone. That place was really fun I even got into the dodge ball action. I am a bit of a kid when it comes to sports and games.

 Jaden is so cute, we went back to school shopping and all of a sudden since he is a big 6th grader he likes clothes. We went into A&F his favorite store we found lots of great sales. Jaden likes preppy clothes, Drew not so much. That store is not for him but we did find Nike and Under Armour down the road. Drew will not wear jeans anymore. He told me "No mom I will continue for another year of never wearing jeans or pants again." So it looks like I have another year of the long socks and shorts until that fad goes away. Drew is a fashionista, he has ever shirt coordinating with socks. They are to funny and so different but best buddies. Lauren's clothes are so so not fun for me to buy anymore. She is the size of a 10-11 yr old but just turned 7. She is so tall and athletic everything at one store looks way to grown up and she is now pretty much outgrown Gymboree so that leaves me stuck and searching. I am mixing and matching and getting stuff from all over. Thank God for skirts, they fit her so well. We found some adorable dresses at Forever 21 in the kids dept. I bought them much bigger then her size because they are so short but they are so cute. 
 Only one week left till school
What a life.

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  1. I love stopping & taking pics with giant statues! :-D
    I'm the sucker who loves buying all the school supplies, too, though. :-P I've had friends offer to pay me to do it for them. :-D
    That rock wall looks like the 3-story one at LifeTime, where I teach Zumba. :-)
    Will lives in khaki shorts. It's like his daily uniform. :-P

  2. How adorable the back to school shopping is but stressful too. I saw so many people out shopping yesterday when I was leisurely strolling Target. :)


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