Thursday, August 21, 2014

Drew gets braces and summers ending

 Drew got top braces put on the other day. So far so good, he loves that he can pick the rubber band colors that is just so cool for him. This kid just loves colors and picking out matching outfits.
 He has had some pain but he is doing well. He first had to get a a palate expander back in June and that really worked fast. He had to many teeth and not enough room, so now everything is spaced out and we no longer have to use the key to expand the torture chamber. This is phase one braces, I am hoping phase two is easier it's amazing he can eat.
I just took this a couple hours ago, I love them so much!! We have really enjoyed our pool it's amazing. I could lay on the float all day, but mostly I play shark with the kids and we take turns getting each other. There is not much relaxation around here.
This kids is a lover and so cute. He takes my phone and I always find selfies of himself, he is a riot. He is such a gentle soul he told me the other day that it's mean when people say they hate snakes.His words..."It's not the snakes fault that God made it a snake. People hate them for just being what they are meant to be. Can you imagine if you were born a snake, or bee or ant?" Word Up Drew!! Okay now I no longer can kill any living creatures.
These kids are so cute. I ask them if they want' Chick Fillet or Subway..."No we want Chili's!!" I love Chili's too we go quite a bit. 
The kids got to feed the giraffes last week. What a cute creature, my kids love the zoo. We met Drew and Lauren's teacher's yesterday and tonight Jaden. Monday morning is coming, it's not going to be pretty waking up for any of us.
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  1. Dreading waking up in the morning, too... ;-)


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